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Adam's Road Bio


Adam’s Road is a Christian band and ministry committed to conveying the message of the Cross—the Gospel of Jesus Christ—through song and testimony. The ministry began in the summer of 2006 after Jesus unshackled five religious men and filled them with the knowledge of God’s Grace.

Micah Wilder, the first of the five band members to be liberated, encountered the Biblical Jesus as an LDS (Mormon) missionary through the Grace of God. Having asserted the Biblical Jesus, professed the Biblical Gospel of Grace, and proclaimed an assurance of salvation secure in Jesus alone, he was then disgraced, sent home, maligned, and released early from his LDS mission by church authorities.

Micah’s former religious zeal—infused with knowledge leading to salvation—was redirected into a passion for preaching Biblical Christianity and the Grace of God. And this, through the grace of God, led to the eventual salvation of the other four band members—all of whom left the Mormon religion for a personal relationship with Jesus established in His Word.     

Because the ministry esteems the Holy Bible as God’s complete and infallible Word, putting the Bible to song is at the heart of what they do.  Familiar with the musty “leavened bread” of religion and sensitive to its potent effects, they make proclaiming God’s true and “unleavened” Word their primary ambition. Their songs proclaim the Grace of God that comes through Jesus Christ and the blood He shed on the Cross; the salvation that comes by accepting that free gift by faith (Eph. 2:8-9). Because they focus the lyrics of their songs on the Gospel as taught in the Bible, they give their music away for free—distributing CDs and digital music freely throughout the world. To date the band has given out thousands of CDs to people in over 25 countries. 

The band resides in Winter Garden, Florida, in proximity to where three of the members—Micah, Joseph, and Steve—had served LDS missions, and hometown of native Floridian and band member Jay Graham. They own and operate a historic Bed and Breakfast called the Edgewater Hotel, which has become the home base for the ministry, supplying the housing and food needs of the band members and their families.  

In the fall of 2006 Adam’s Road, still in the infancy stages of being a ministry, began production on their first and self-titled album, “Adam’s Road”. Seasoned musician and audio expert Jim Durbin, who is now a great friend and supporter of the ministry, owns a recording studio in town—Durbin Audio Designs—just down the street from the Edgewater Hotel. The band met Jim that fall. He was immediately helpful and resourceful; recording, engineering, tweaking, and sharing his experience and knowledge with the band members as they were getting their feet wet as recording musicians. And for this, they thank God.

The production of the “Adam’s Road” self-titled album was a year-and-a-half process. The band, along with Jim Durbin, chiseled away at the album as time, money, and other resources allowed. In the meantime, the members of the ministry needed to mature and grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ.

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2007 became a year of growth and preparation (both musically and spiritually) for the band members to be made ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was like they had a brand-new, extremely fast bullet bike, but they still needed to learn how to ride it without killing themselves. The members of the ministry had powerful stories that witnessed of the marvelous Grace of God, and were excited for and zealous about sharing them. And through the grace of God, time was allowed to channel that excitement and zeal into a more mature understanding and application of the Word of God.   

They got their first taste for ministering as a band at a weekly “Celebrate Recovery” program hosted at Real Life Christian Church in Clermont, FL. Throughout the 2007 year, the band was encouraged by the “Celebrate Recovery” attendees, who demonstrated love and excitement for their new brothers in Christ. Both the band and the attendees were mutually built up and refreshed through the grace of God at these weekly events.   

The band, in the beginning stages of discovering the Lord’s will for them, considered various possible means through which the ministry could potentially grow in order for their message and stories to be heard. In doing so they dabbed at the Christian music industry by competing in some regional competitions. The band had their share of success, including scoring the highest out of more than 20 bands at the 2007 regional “Band with a Mission” contest. As a result, they had the honor of playing at the national finals in Nashville in November of that same year. It was in this time that the Lord presented a unique blessing for Adam’s Road: a tour bus. Through a miracle of God and some generous donations and financing, the band was able to purchase a tour bus in late 2007, opening up the door for them to tour across the nation, sharing their testimonies of God’s Grace to people everywhere.

As 2007 came to an end and the excitement of the “Band with a Mission” experience began to dissipate, work on the self-titled album “Adam’s Road” began to accelerate. Some of the final stages of the recording process included the group’s decision to add solo violin to the mix. God blessed the band with a talented young Christian musician named Nathanael Stone from Arkansas, who offered his time and talents free of charge. He visited and recorded parts for the “Adam’s Road” album and the “Adam’s Road Instrumental”  album which was also well underway in Dec. of 2007.

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Despite opportunities and options, their consideration of the traditional route to Christian music ministry through the industry came to a halt at the turn of that year. They felt God leading them in the direction of an independent artist. As they considered their options, they thought it best—in preparation for the release of their first album—to start an independent record label in early 2008, naming it “Book of Life Records.”

Now equipped with a tour bus and the ability to travel and live on the road for weeks at a time, Adam’s Road began preparing for their first national tour, with marketing expert and friend Dave Rick. They worked full-time over a six-month period to book the first tour in anticipation of the release of their upcoming first album. The “Adam’s Road” and “Adam’s Road Instrumental” albums were finally completed in the spring of 2008 and released as a double CD on June 3, 2008. The content of the “Adam’s Road” album depicts the band members’ recent journeys from Mormonism into Biblical Christianity. It is a reflection of their new faith in Jesus and the Bible, and an illustration of the cost of following Jesus. The music displays their newfound excitement and gratitude in discovering the endless depth of God’s grace and love. The Instrumental CD featured with the first album contains original music tracks, some of which were intended to portray through music the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

In the same month the album was released, Adam’s Road hit the road for what would become a ten-week tour of the eastern US, their longest tour to date. In that time the band ministered at dozens of churches and played shows in eleven states; from Oklahoma, to Indiana, to Vermont and North Carolina. In addition to the joy of ministering to congregations, the band was met with excitement and challenges as they toured for the first time on the road. They discovered that their bus was a bit too whopping for an elfin New Jersey toll-booth. Its rear-view mirror shattered the toll-booth window to pieces, causing quite a spectacle. In the mysterious backcountry of Pennsylvania, they appreciated the protective nerve of 80-year-old bus chef and apparent security guard “Mama Jane,” who put a drunk, menacing man to shame that entered the bus ranting threats. Most memorable, however, may have been an unplanned and unexpected visit to Vermont, where the band played a charity benefit concert in honor of parents who had—just days prior—lost their kidnapped daughter in a murderous incident.  

Upon return from their eastern tour, Adam’s Road was invited to go to Utah for two weeks to minister to the LDS community. In August of 2008, they headed out to Utah for the first time as a band, several of them returning to the place they had once called home. In that short two-week period, the band played ten shows, appeared on a local TV show, and was interviewed for an article in the Salt Lake Tribune. The band’s debut appearance in the state was controversial for many, but for the band it was a glimpse into what would become an important part of their ministry; reaching out to the Mormon people.

In the fall of 2008, Adam’s Road began writing and rehearsing for their second studio album, “Band Of Prophets". Understanding that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, Adam’s Road was determined to put the Word of God to music more so than ever before. And in doing so, they stayed true to the New Testament pattern for examining truth: the prophetic process of testing with the Word for accountability and assessment. After heavy study, compilation, and reconciliation of God’s Word for the album’s song lyrics was completed, the rest of the fall was busy with heavy rehearsal and initial recording for the album, as well as local events. In October, the band played at the Winter Garden Music Fest for the third straight year.

The album was a step up for the band, both musically and lyrically. It was this album that began to define Adam’s Road and their ministry as they used the Bible as their complete and only source for the lyrics. During that time, the band built their own recording studio, “Book of Life Studios” and did most of the production of the second album in their new facility. The band recorded full time for the next six months.

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As a result of their newfound zeal for Biblical lyrics in their songs, the ministry decided to stop selling their CDs in January of 2009. They followed the example of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:18 that says “What then is my reward? That I may offer the Gospel free of charge.” They wanted to offer God’s Word free of charge, so that money—or lack thereof—would not be a hindrance to individuals receiving the Gospel through music. They wanted to make it clear that their motivation in being a band and ministry was not to make money, but to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. They were inspired to “live by faith” (2 Cor. 5:7), trusting that God would provide them the means to do so.

Adam’s Road, at this time, had a desire to work together with other parts of the Body of Christ in their ministerial labors. God gave them their first major opportunity during the production of “Band Of Prophets": they were able to work with and feature the talented “Dominion” choir from Faith and Power Worship Center in Apopka, FL on the album.  Micah, through the grace of God, was re-introduced to one of the Pastors who had witnessed to him while he was still an LDS missionary in Florida. Through this man, Pastor Matthew Shaw, the band was introduced to the Faith and Power Church and worship team. Adam’s Road is blessed to have had their talent showcased on the album.

In addition to album recording and production, throughout the winter and spring of 2009 Adam’s Road played at many local events and churches, including the Central Florida Fair and a number of Relay For Life cancer fundraising events.

“Band Of Prophets" was released on June 20, 2009. That same month Adam’s Road headed out on the road for their second national tour, this time for six weeks in the eastern states and six weeks in the state of Utah alone. Their time in Utah opened up many doors to partner with a number of ministries who specifically minister to the Mormon people (see partner ministries). During those six weeks out west, the band did over twenty-five shows,  gave out over 3,000 CDs, and saw many people come to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Adam’s Road returned home from Utah on September 30th, 2009. They immediately began writing songs and rehearsing for their third studio album, “Enemy of the Cross”, which focuses on their conversions from enemies of the message of salvation through the Cross to ministers of the message of the Cross. They also began production of a full-length documentary about the Adam’s Road ministry, “Life on Adam’s Road”. They entered the recording studio in November 2009 and began production on their third full-length album. The drums, as has become tradition, were recorded at Durbin Audio Designs. The rest of the album was recorded and engineered at the band’s own studio in Winter Garden.

Fall of 2009 was a busy yet productive time. In addition to the album, another Winter Garden Music Fest, and the usual responsibilities associated with the bed and breakfast for the ministry, Adam’s Road was knee deep in a restoration effort. The Edgewater Hotelthe historic building in which the band made its home—was still only partially restored by the fall of 2009. The guys rolled up their sleeves and got to work priming, painting, plastering, and polishing up the third floor. The renovation was completed in Dec. of 2009—resulting in relief, joy, and anticipation for a new life on the third floor. This meant more room and privacy for the Adam’s Road families. Praise God!  

Adam’s Road also got into the Christmas spirit as December rolled along. They put together an instrumental CD titled “Adam's Road Christmas Instrumental.” It features traditional Christmas carols as well as Christmas originals. Unique to this CD is that each track begins with a verse of scripture being read that correlates to the song. The band was fortunate to have Steve Kay—a bass player and vocalist for the group—utilize his booming low bass voice to narrate the track introductions. 

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After recovering from all the good 2009 Christmas eats and treats, the band began shaping up for a two-week mini-tour. In the end of January, they visited south Florida for two weeks, during which they played eight shows in the Ft. Myers area before returning home. Unique to the 2010 winter was a weekly game of Adam’s Road ultimate Frisbee at the local park. This was a great stress reliever and time of fellowship and fun—even for the losing team and the clumsy ones.   

The album work progressed. The band spent nearly 8 months on the production of the new album in the band’s own studio, “Book of Life Studios”. The CD/DVD documentary was released on July 1st, 2010. The DVD was premiered at the local First Baptist Church of Winter Garden, which hosted a pre-tour CD/DVD release party in support of the ministry. Despite the torrential downpour of rain before the event, it was a success—though a wet one for many.

Shortly after the release party, Adam’s Road headed out on their two national tours for the year that took them from as far east as North Carolina to as far west as Utah, between the months of July and October. The six week eastern US tour included over fifteen shows and two radio interviews: one in Kentucky and another in New York. The six weeks in Utah included twenty-five shows, appearances on two local TV shows and resulted in many leaving religion and entering personal relationships with Christ.

Shortly after returning home in early October, the band headed out for some more ministering. They enjoyed a visit to the drummer’s and pianist’s home state—Indiana—where they ministered at a Christian high school. Touring up north late into the fall meant absence of the familiar Florida heat for the guys. Beating the bone-chilling cold with hoodies and jackets, Adam’s Road went on to Pennsylvania where they attended and played at an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness/Ex-Mormon Christian conference. The band’s testimonies of leaving religion for relationship was very relevant and rang true to the conference attendees. Having then returned home to Florida, the band was shocked to hear that the building they attended the conference in had burnt down shortly after the event.

December 2010 brought with it another Adam’s Road Christmas surprise. After thawing out from the northern cold, the band mustered up the time and strength to put together an eight-song traditional Christmas carol demo. They hope at some point in the future to build on this foundation and release a full-length Christmas song album.

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A new year came, and the "month of love” soon followed. But February Valentine’s Day dates had to be postponed for the band members and their wives as God’s call to a South Florida two-week mini-tour took priority. Though the wives may have been temporarily saddened, the guys at least appreciated the fact they were heading south instead of north during that winter month.   

In addition to the South Florida tour, Adam’s Road was also involved in a number of radio and television projects, as well as the production of a brand new DVD titled “Unveiling Grace”, which focuses on their conversions from a religion bound by the Law to the freedom that is in the Grace of Christ Jesus. The video was produced by Main Street Church of Brigham City and has been distributed worldwide with an overwhelmingly positive response. The video can be ordered at no cost from our Free Materials Store. The video can also be viewed on the Sacred Groves website ( As well as the “Unveiling Grace” DVD, Adam’s Road was interviewed for a number of radio interviews around the country, including the Concerned Christians’ “Out of Mormonism” podcast, which features testimonials of former Mormons who have discovered the Grace of Christ.

In June of 2011, Adam’s Road completed their fourth full-length studio album, “Book Of Life”. The idea behind the title and the title track of the album is to provoke the listeners to consider whether his/her own name is written in the Book of Life, and proclaim the simplicity and beauty of the Good News: “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life” (John 3:36). Their fourth album once again showed a significant step forward in scriptural maturity for the band, and is considered their most scriptural and Gospel-based album to date.

This year the band has spent over sixteen weeks on the road, performing over eighty shows in twenty states, ministering the Good News that Jesus Christ died for our sins, and through faith in Him we are reconciled to God. The Eastern tour was again six weeks in length and included five new states: Alabama, Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia and South Carolina. In August, shortly after coming home from the Eastern tour, Adam’s Road flew out to the Concerned Christians National Conference in Mesa, Arizona, and then flew back to Florida. After a short two-week break at home, the band headed out west for nearly two months. The 2011 western tour was an eight-week tour that covered four states, and in Utah alone they did twenty-eight ministry events in thirty days. The band appeared on two TV shows, participated in two radio interviews, and ministered at dozens of churches. After a month in Utah, the band spent the last nine days of the tour in Arizona, where they played for the first time in a public high school.  This event came about as the result of a massive community outreach by Calvary Baptist of Show Low, who distributed over 5,000 DVDs and 5,000 cards throughout the predominately LDS community. The concert was a success, with over 500 people in attendance, including many Mormons in the audience.

Having arrived safely home, the band immediately began gearing up for local shows, the next studio album, another instrumental album, and growing the ministry according to God’s will and grace. During the fall of 2011, Adam’s Road began a massive campaign to partner with ministries and churches all over the country to more effectively minister the Gospel of Grace, so that the Good News of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ can be preached to all the world.

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By the time 2011 ended, Adam’s Road had launched a brand new website in hopes of more effectively reaching the lost as well as promoting the ministry. With this new tool at their disposal, 2012 began with a heavy campaign reaching out to the Body of Christ. The ministry, with the vision of continually expanding and maturing in Christ, established relationships with numerous Christian congregations throughout the year with which they formerly were not acquainted. In fact, most of the ministry’s host churches for the year were new for them. Many of these relationships were first introduced throughout the winter of 2011 and spring of 2012, when more members of the group took an active role in the booking and promotional process.

As the years had gone by, the ministry and the Adam’s Road family had grown. Being confined to the Edgewater Hotel space for all ministry and family endeavors had created somewhat of a challenge in previous years. The ministry envisioned providing a solid educational foundation for the Adam’s Road younglings, some of whom had approached the age to be schooled. A large undertaking for the year was leasing and renovating a building down the street from the Edgewater Hotel. The goal in mind with the lease was to provide an appropriate environment for Christian schooling as well as some extra space for the band and ministry. The initial interior renovation of the building was completed in the spring.

In March, the group taught their first course comparing Mormonism to Biblical Christianity. The class consisted of four 75 minute sessions. Each session included a slideshow presentation. Over the course of the month, the guys presented elements of Mormon history and doctrine in comparison to and in light of Biblical doctrine and warnings. The class was the result of a request from a local Christian congregation. The very next month the group presented a portion of this course to a second congregation, this time in South Florida.

In March and April of 2012, Adam’s Road was back and forth from south and central Florida, ministering at various new host churches.

The band finished their fifth full-length studio album titled “Great Commission” in the spring and it was released on June 15th. The group continued to produce songs containing lyrics that represent the Biblical Word, as was evident in this album. Guest vocalists Katie Warren, Dominick Shaw, and Jonathan Shaw (featured also in “You Have a Home” from our "Band Of Prophets" album) made a powerful imprint on this album. The band thanks the Lord Jesus for them.

In late June, the group headed out again for the eastern leg of their fifth national tour. They played in Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. Besides the regular ministry presentations given at churches, the 5-week tour also included a radio interview in Kentucky and a TV interview in North Carolina—and an early departure from band member Steve Kay, who flew home to attend the birth of his second child and first son. In the absence of Steve, another band member gave in to peer pressure while the group dined with some of the staff from a church in Michigan, who encouraged him to eat a 5-pound burger and fry challenge. And to the amusement of all around, he finished the “Max and Erma’s Landfill Burger Challenge” in record time. As filling as that was, the band was filling the ears of those among whom they ministered with music and testimony on nearly a daily basis. The 2012 eastern tour was arguably the most fruitful and efficient eastern tour the band had done up to that date. It was certainly the busiest.

After a short time home in August, Adam’s Road headed out west. Their 7-8 week western tour broke some new ground, as the band played shows in Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. It was their first time to minister in Kansas, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. The band’s eyes were opened the fact that—outside of Utah—there is also a high demand and use for such a ministry in heavily LDS populated areas.  It was satisfying and encouraging to see the appreciation from the Body of Christ to have a ministry like Adam’s Road visit places like Idaho.

Aside from the ministry aspect of touring around the country, Adam’s Road was blessed to be able to visit Yellowstone while in Idaho and appreciate the beauty and magnificence of God’s creation. Also, on their way out of Arizona towards the end of tour, the group visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The desire to explore the unique Desert environment was perhaps motivated by the fact the some in the band have a passion for “herping” and catching scorpions. In fact, one the members—using a black light at night—caught the most venomous scorpion species in North America. But before realizing the danger of this, he took it onto the bus and was planning to keep it as a pet. Encouraged by the skepticism of other bus travelers, he researched the scorpion and then concluded that keeping it on the bus as a “pet” probably wasn’t the best idea. We thank the Lord Jesus no harm came from the naivety of Adam’s Road.  

The group also played at some Christian Universities on this tour for the first time. In fact, the last concert of the tour was in a world-renown concert hall at Le Tourneau University. Adam’s Road sang and gave testimony for their Friday morning college devotional. Sinbad had just been on stage the night before, and Adam’s Road was pleased to discover Weird Al had also performed on that very same stage.

The western tour proved fruitful—glory be to God in Christ. More so than any other year, the band members were presented with opportunities to minster one-on-one with searching and open Mormons, many of whom attended the group’s concerts.

Throughout the year the band contributed to the TILM’s 2012 outreach and media campaign to Mormons—which hit the Provo, Utah area hard with media and door-to-door ministry in August and September. Truth in Love Ministry is a partner ministry of the group that collaborated with Adam’s Road in launching a couple of websites ( geared towards reaching young to middle-aged LDS folk. The premise of the campaign was to offer the solution to the burden that the expectation of perfectionism places on many Mormons: which solution is to be perfected in Christ through faith in His name, and not by our works.

During the 2012 western tour, Adam’s Road encountered many people who had, were, or are in the process of giving up their false religion for the real Jesus. They had 45 ministry events over 7 weeks on the road, appeared on 3 TV shows (2 live and 1 pre-recorded), and had a radio interview as well. Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas were first-time states.

The band just returned home from their western tour, and they are gearing up for whatever the Lord has in store for them next. Initial priorities upon returning to Florida include planting a Christian school, finishing an upcoming instrumental album, and beginning the process of planning and booking for 2013. 

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The year began with production of the band’s sixth album, “Resurrected.” March and April were filled with local ministry opportunities, including areas of Orlando and Fort Myers. And in June, they released the album. 

After much prayer and deliberation, Adam’s Road decided to focus their 2013 tours in the western US, primarily in areas with a high LDS presence. Matt and Micah’s parents, Mike and Lynn Wilder, also traveled with them to promote Lynn’s new book, Unveiling Grace. Unveiling Grace was published by Zondervan and is available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

The book, Unveiling Grace, is a telling account from a former tenured BYU professor’s perspective. Lynn Wilder leaves a perilous religion for a secure and abiding relationship with Jesus. Unveiling Grace uncovers some of the cultural and religious snags of Utah Mormonism. Lynn respectfully and gracefully shares how God rescued her from it all, testifying to the powerful and transformative impact God’s Word had in her life, her family’s lives, and others whose journeys out of Mormonism and into Biblical Christianity crossed paths 

From the end of June to the beginning of August, Adam’s Road was blessed to share the love of Jesus in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington state, and Wyoming. To God’s glory, they witnessed some leaving the chains of false religion in pursuit of a personal relationship with Jesus! The 2013 summer ministry marathon kicked-off with a first-time visit to the state of Colorado before heading to Utah for almost a week. Though their stay in Utah was short, it was nevertheless eventful. Their stories of God’s grace traversed the airways through KEY Radio: a radio station in Provo that boldly shares Jesus.  In addition, the T.V. outreach program “Polygamy: What Love Is This?” with Doris Hansen, welcomed Adam’s Road for a third consecutive year.

Adam’s Road then spent almost four weeks in Idaho, rich in opportunities to encourage believers and reach out to struggling Mormons. In fact, there was a twenty-day span in which they had nineteen ministry events. Towards the close of the Idaho portion of their trip, they met radio host Matt Slick, who interviewed them prior to an event in Boise. Matt started CARM, one of the band’s partner ministries.

Adam’s Road connected with TV18 while in the area, sharing their testimonies on a program called “Breaking Barriers” with Pastor Jesse Garcia. His gritty program usually focuses on helping people out of drug/alcohol addictions, abuse, suicide, teen pregnancy, etc. by sharing Jesus with them through the Word. Welcoming a younger generation to the show, Adam’s Road was a testament to the dangers of Mormonism, demonstrating that absorbing false teachings can be as hazardous as injecting drugs: the wages of all sin is death, but the solution still is and will always be Jesus Christ.   

The group then moved onto Oregon and Washington State for the first time. There, they experienced the magnificence of God’s creation in the Northwest while sharing in the Portland area. One the way home, they stopped for one last event in Wyoming.

After a few weeks spent with family back in Florida, Adam’s Road headed off for their second 2013 tour. Starting at the beginning of September until the second week of October, they were in New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Texas. 

They were in the L.A. area for a couple weeks of the trip. There, they had two events with Trinity Worldwide Reprographics, a partner ministry who had graciously offered its printing resources on behalf of the ministry. The time in Southern California afforded the band some refreshingly unique ministry encounters. One of those occurred at a Seventh-day Adventist church. There, they witnessed the simplicity and power of the Gospel message penetrate religious barriers and permeate hearts.    

Likewise, their experience at Bethel A.M.E Church was extraordinary. They observed the message of the cross clear hurdles of tradition, culture, and religion. Adam’s Road experienced the grace of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit with these believers in a magnificent way.

From the cool streets of South Central L.A. in the morning to the hot California desert in the evening, temperature was not the only dramatic change. They were blessed to minister among two distinct flavors of congregated believers within the same day. However, as traveling ministers who get to interact with various and uniquely different elements of the Body of Christ, the love of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit with the believers remained a constant.

After California, Adam’ Road traveled to Arizona for a short stint, visiting a good friend and brother in Christ Andy Poland with Concerned Christians.  They also shared at ACU (Arizona Christian University) for the second consecutive year. Then Returning to the Southern California high desert, they ministered in Yucca Valley at Calvary Chapel Joshua Springs. Earlier on that month, Adam’s Road shared through their radio ministry, which has time slots on CSN International, a radio network reaching over 400 stations nationwide.  

After saying goodbye to California, Adam’s Road experienced southern hospitality Texas style during their ministry stay in that state. They felt so loved, accepted, and spoiled by the believers there. After a couple ministry events in Texas, they headed home to the families. 

During the 2013 ministry season, Adam’s Road created a mobile version of their website: The features are similar to the original website, but formatted for mobile devices. This made it easier to download their free music, watch Adam’s Road videos, look at pictures, read bios, order free materials, and sign up for their email newsletter!

At the close of the year, the group said farewell to one of its founding members, Jay Graham, who had served faithfully with the ministry since its beginnings. He felt led to move on from Adam’s Road for the time. His contributions to the ministry were much appreciated. Adam’s Road members thank God for his time with the ministry, and wish him the best.

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To start the year, Adam’s Road was three: Micah, Joseph, and Matt. Despite being small in number, God continued to open doors for effective ministry. February began a two-month span that included twelve ministry events in the Florida region. The events ranged from places on the east coast, like First Baptist of Melbourne (Bay West Campus), to the Ft. Myers and Tampa regions on the west coast. 

In the early part of 2014, an LDS (Mormon) temple opened in the Fort Lauderdale area. With heavy hearts concerning this and a heart of compassion towards the lost, Calvary Chapel Sawgrass hosted Adam’s Road in February for a Wednesday service. The testimonies were a welcomed reminder that the grace of God can dramatically impact and change the lives of lost, religious men. The believers were encouraged and further equipped in their desire to reach out to their local LDS community in love and the truth.

Some of their ministry time on the west coast of Florida included a Saturday night outreach event at Daniels Road Baptist Church in Ft. Myers Florida. It was at this event that Adam’s Road members would see their beloved grandfather and believer in Christ, Chic Wieting, for a final time in this life: he has since passed on to be with the Lord.

In March, Adam’s Road also visited Grace Church, and inner city Ft. Myers church with a heart for reaching the poor. The congregation included a diverse group of believers from various ethnic and social backgrounds. There, the ministry felt as if they were all one in Christ Jesus, and the love towards one another filled the church as they fellowshipped through meal, and then song and testimony.

In April, Adam’s Road flew out to southeastern California. There, they ministered and fellowshipped with Christians in Needles, California, and in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Adam’s Road was blown away by the heart of hospitality displayed through the believers there, and was treated and honored far beyond what they felt they deserved.

Connecting with the local body of Christ in Orlando, the Lord blessed the group with an opportunity to share with Grace Bible Church for a Good Friday midday service. This is a rapidly growing body of believers on fire for evangelizing the lost and for worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. They expressed gratitude to God for the Adam’s Road ministry, and how they felt it was a timely message of encouragement for them. 

After celebrating the Lord’s Resurrection at an Easter sunrise service in Woodlawn Memorial Park, the season of winter and spring events came to a close. Adam’s Road shifted their focus more heavily to finishing the recording and production of the Adam’s Road song album, “It’s So Simple.” This was the band’s seventh album, released in July of 2014. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is its central focus. Reiterated in many ways and throughout various songs, the simple Gospel message is clearly and thoroughly expressed with God’s Word.

In July of 2014, before heading out of state for seven weeks, Adam’s Road shared with Calvary Chapel of Merritt Island, Florida, on a Sunday evening. This event was a milestone, because “It’s So Simple” guest vocalist, Katie Warren (wife of Joseph Warren), participated in an Adam’s Road live ministry program for the first time. Her angelic vocals were a welcomed addition to the live event, and she would be joining the group for their summer and fall trips of 2015. 

Adam’s Road headed to the Midwest in mid-July to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This was the longest Eastern U.S. trip the group had done since 2008, and included a span of seven Sundays and twenty-nine events.

The trip included a Friday night outreach with The Church In Birmingham. On the front steps of their building, Adam’s Road testified and sang into the streets to the community located in an industrial area of town. Though they were rained on, it was a success, because God was glorified. Some people from the community did curiously stop by—and the smell of hotdogs on the grill helped!

They then spent the next week in Indiana, ministering in Middletown, Indianapolis, Muncie, and Anderson. First Church of the Nazarene in Middletown, Indiana, stood out as a memorable church service. The pastor was extremely encouraged by the Adam’s Road testimonies during the service, and passionately ministered to his congregation about the grace of God.

After heading to Ohio for an event, is was off to Missouri. First Baptist Church of Kahoka was memorable, because they were blessed to witness a teenage boy embrace Jesus Christ for the first time. He was not a part of that local church, came in from off the streets, and sat through the entire Adam’s Road Gospel program. After the event, he enthusiastically shared with them that his life was forever changed!

After another Missouri and Iowa event, the group headed up to the Chicago area. By the providence of God, doors were opened at the last minute for Adam’s Road member Micah Wilder to be reunited for the first time in ten years with a very special man. Pastor Allen Benson, who first shared the Gospel with Micah when he was a Mormon missionary, now saw face-to-face a transformed Christ-follower. At the church Allen Benson pastors, during the Sunday morning service, Micah shared a heart-felt, emotional, and detailed account of his journey into Christ.

The ministry eventually made their way back to Illinois for a final few events. The last event was in Chester, Illinois at Grace Church. They were overwhelmed with love and support from the pastor and congregation. The group shared for the Sunday morning service, and was graced by God to continue in presenting passionately the message of the Gospel. Adam’s Road was amazed at the refreshing quality of God’s grace, as they were renewed in the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God as they shared the truth—all of this coming off the heels of a recent death in the Adam’s Road family.   

Having a grandparent move on into eternity wasn’t the only change taking place, however. Around the corner in Tennessee was a young man excited about the move of God in his life: his path was about to cross Adam’s Road, as they were wrapping up a busy and fruitful season of ministry in the Midwest.

Twenty-four-year-old Jonathan Paul had grown up in the Christian Church, but converted to Mormonism a few years ago. While serving a Mormon mission in Hawaii, God relentlessly pursued JP, reminding him of the grace he once knew as a Christian. Among other things, God used Lynn Wilder’s book, “Unveiling Grace,” to be a source of encouragement and reminder of Biblical truths he once embraced. Through this book, written by the mother of two of the members of Adam’s Road, he was able to connect with Micah—who through the Word of God also encouraged him.

Jonathan Paul Garrison soon left his Mormon mission and the LDS church to the praise of the Lord Jesus Christ. By his recent prodigal return, JP was implanted with a desire to testify to the riches of God’s grace, mercy, and kindness in pursuing a lost son and bringing him home.

By the grace and call of God, Adam’s Road sensed God calling him into the ministry. He was met with warm embraces as the group stole this young man away from his home state, picking him up off the side of a Tennessee street, and giving him a ride with them on their tour bus down to their home in Florida. As plans for JP to officially join the ministry solidified, Adam’s Road members thanked and praised God for providing another laborer for sake of the Gospel.

After a whopping ten days with the families at home, it was off to the road again. Adam’s Road would be ministering for the following five Sundays and weeks in Texas. The trip included seventeen events from the Dallas/Fort Worth area to San Antonio, and eventually the Houston area.

The month of October brought the group into Houston as a ministry for the first time, where they spent nearly two weeks. They shared eight full-length Adam’s Road Gospel presentations over an eleven-day span while in Houston. Events included Calvary Chapel West Houston, Calvary Chapel Houston, and Central Baptist Church, for example. As the love of God embraced the believers at many of these final events, some were overwhelmed with the power of the Gospel message. There are different ways people react to this, but the same Spirit and the same Lord who administers this love and grace. Some react with joyful shouting, while others with peaceful crying.  

After arriving safely home to their families and a couple of weeks to begin prayerfully solidifying plans for the upcoming months, Adam’s Road was still being blessed with opportunities to minister on some weekends in the southeast region of the country. The band’s final full-length ministry event for the year included a weekend bus trip up to Atlanta, where the cold fall weather finally caught up with these Floridians. They were encouraged by some former Mormon Christians, who drove a couple of hours to come to the service. The church had a special combined service, and the room was filled with people engaged and refreshed through the message of the Gospel in the testimonies and music.  

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The members of Adam’s Road are non-denominational Christians. They follow the Bible as their only source of Truth, and everything they teach and believe has to go through the prophetic process outlined in the Bible. They have come to understand that salvation comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by His Grace through faith, and not through any religion or organization. Their hope is that their music and lyrics will help those who are in darkness to come to the Light and Truth that are found in Jesus Christ alone.

The LDS church teaches that anything that opposes Mormon doctrine is “anti-mormon”, even if that includes the Bible itself. Although members of the LDS faith often accuse the Adam’s Road Ministry of being “anti-mormon”, the band is following the biblical instructions of holding one another in the Body of Christ accountable to the Word of God, and testing all things against the word given to us by Jesus and His Apostles. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1) Adam’s Road exposes those things in Mormonism and other religious systems that go against what the Bible teaches about salvation. The LDS Church claims that it is the “only true and living church” in the world and that salvation -- eternal life in the presence of God -- comes through its denomination and no other. This is the basis for Adam’s Road's mission to directly confront its doctrines.

Their love for the ministry and for God’s Word drives them to give away their music for free, as well as play shows for free. Adam’s Road follows the example of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:18 “What then is my reward? Just this: that in preaching the gospel I may offer it free of charge, and so not make use of my right in the Gospel.” They offer their music free of charge, and have made it available for free download on the “MUSIC” page. Also, you can order Adam's Road albums at the Adam's Road Store and they will ship them to you free of charge, anywhere in the world.

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