New Vocalist, Lila Lebaron, Joins the Adam's Road Ministry Team!

Adam's Road is grateful to announce the newest addition to the ministry team, vocalist Lila Lebaron from Chihuahua, Mexico. Lila has a powerful testimony of coming out of a polygamist, fundamental Mormon background and into salvation in Christ Jesus. She is currently on tour with Adam's Road, singing and sharing her amazing gift with the world.


Read her powerful testimony here:


New Album "Immeasurable" Now Available

Immeasurable Album

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ! We are pleased to announce the release of our latest album, “Immeasurable”. The album is currently available on our website ( to be downloaded for free. If you prefer a free physical CD, you can place an order HERE. As soon as the duplication is finished and the CDs are in stock, we will ship them off free of charge. God’s grace came freely to us, and we delight in offering the Gospel message free of charge.

“Immeasurable” is Adam’s Road’s eighth album, released in May of 2015. The album, like previous ones, proclaims the Word of God through song. The ministry was blessed to have a huge supporting cast of guest artists willing to use their talents for this project and God’s glory.

New Album "It's So Simple" Now Available!

It's So Simple Album Adam's Road is pleased to announce to release of their seventh full-length studio album titled “It’s So Simple”. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is its central focus. Reiterated in many ways and throughout various songs, the simple Gospel message is clearly and thoroughly expressed with God’s Word.

The album is available for free download or a physical copy can be ordered from the Adam's Road store


"Unveiling Grace" Book Now Available

Unveiling Grace BookUnveiling Grace, authored by Lynn Wilder, former BYU professor and mother of Adam's Road members Matt and Micah, will be available in bookstores nationwide starting today. Unveiling Grace is a gripping story of how former Brigham Young University professor Lynn Wilder’s entire family, deeply enmeshed in the Mormon Church for thirty years, found their way out into the loving arms of Jesus' grace. 

Adam's Road Releases "Resurrected: The Best of Adam's Road"

Resurrected AlbumAdam's Road has released their sixth studio release, a compilation album titled "Resurrection: The Best of Adam's Road". This album features 18 tracks of fan favorites, compiled from the band's previous 5 albums that were released between 2008 and 2012. The project includes newly re-mixed and re-mastered Adam's Road favorites, as well as live songs, new arrangements, and a live testimony by band member Joseph Warren.

The album will be given away for free during the band's two national tours this year as they head our to the west coast for the first time. The album marks a milestone for the band and is the first official release since the departure of founding band member Steve Kay. The CD can be ordered for free by sending your name and mailing address to

Founding Band Member to Take Sabbatical

Steve Kay and Family

Greetings friends in Christ! We want to let everyone know about a significant change that is taking place in our ministry.  After almost 7 years as a full-time member of Adam's Road, our friend and brother Steve Kay has felt directed to take a sabbatical from full-time ministry work and will be moving to Washington State with his wife and two children.

Steve's faith and love for the Lord are as strong as ever, and we love and fully support him in his desire to take time off to finish school and focus on family life for a while.

New Instrumental Album "Romans Road" Now Available!

Romans Road Album We are pleased to announce that we have finished production of our 3rd instrumental album, “Romans Road”. The album is now available for FREE download.  CLICK HERE to listen to and download the album for free.  If you prefer to have a hard copy of “Romans Road”, we are now accepting pre-order requests.

To receive your FREE hard copy in the mail, simply send us an email to with your name, address, and quantity making the subject line “Roman’s Road” and we will send you a free copy as soon as it becomes available. The hard copy versions should be available by the first week of March.

Brand New Instrumental Album "Romans Road" Now Available!

Adam's Road Ministry Newsletter February 9th, 2013

Friends in Christ,

Great Commission Album

We are pleased to announce that we have finished production of our 3rd instrumental album, “Roman’s Road”. The album is now available for FREE download.  CLICK HERE to listen to and download the album for free.  If you prefer to have a hard copy of “Roman’s Road”, we are now accepting pre-order requests.

To receive your FREE hard copy in the mail, simply send us an email to with your name, address, and quantity making the subject line “Roman’s Road” and we will send you a free copy as soon as it becomes available. The hard copy versions should be available by the first week of March.

“Roman’s Road” is Adam’s Road’s musical journey through the Gospel of Grace as outlined in the book of Romans.  Each track begins with a key verse being sung word-for-word, and then instrumental music following that encapsulates the idea of that verse.  The album begins with the tracks “Love of God” and “Power of God,” bringing attention to the endless and deep love God has for us through the Gospel.  It then attempts to depict man’s fallen nature with “Wages of Sin” and “Fallen.” The next few tracks, including “One Act,” “Salvation,” and “Christ Died,” focus on the salvation we have through faith in Jesus Christ—because of His offering for us on the cross that pays for our sin debt. And finally, the rest of the album conveys the result of accepting Jesus’ free gift of salvation. 

The album features many new sounds and musical styles. “Wages of Sin” starts with a silky smooth classical Spanish guitar riff; the piece eventually flows into a pizzicato string and violin tango, depicting fallen man’s dance with death through sin. The orchestral climax of “One Act” is very Trans-Siberian, reflecting the effectual magnitude of Christ’s death on the cross. The grandiose, concerto-like flair of “Salvation” is meant to depict the magnificence of God’s free gift.

Beautiful, sustained vocals accompany the simple piano melodies at the beginning of “Transformed”; the piece itself transforms from an initial, alluring simplicity to a bombastic, percussive finale. From the featured didgeridoo and heavily percussive instrumental entrance on “Power of God” to the mysterious and subdued finale of “Fallen,” the album is full of unpredictable blends and arrangements, meant to immerse the listener in a plethora of various emotional contexts.  Katie Warren (Wife of band member Joseph Warren and sister of band members Matt and Micah Wilder) is the featured female vocalist for the album.      

We hope the musical display and scriptural message of “Roman’s Road” glorifies God: “Praise him with trumpet sound; praise him with lute and harp! Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with sounding cymbals; praise him with loud clashing cymbals! Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!” (Psalm 150:3-6).

As mentioned, “Roman’s Road” will be available starting today for song-by-song or whole-album download on our website, and as with all of our music, it will be completely free of charge. Again, if you would like to pre-order a hard copy of “Roman’s Road,” please send an email with your name, address, quantity, and the subject line “Roman’s Road” to

With Love in Christ,

Adam’s Road 


Adam's Road Releases Fifth Album "Great Commission"

Great Commission Album CoverAdam's Road officially released their fifth full-length studio album, "Great Commission". The brand new CD will be available for FREE as with all their previous releases. You can order a free copy of the album by sending your name and address or you can download it digitally for the band's website at

"Great Commission" features 12 original songs that focus on the theme of fulfilling the call for Christians to "go out and make disciples" to all the world. With a variety of musical instruments, styles, and vocalist, this is the band's most diverse release to date. And as with all of their music, each song in "Great Commission" is full of God's Word.

Adam's Road Begins Fifth Album!

Adam's Road has officially began rehearsing for their fifth full-length studio album this past week. The new CD is scheduled to be titled "The Great Commission" and feature 14 scripturally based songs that teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The album is projected to be released in June and will be distributed on the band's national tours. As with all the rest of their music, Adam's Road will be distributing their newest project FREE of charge and will offer it available for free download on their website.


For more info about Adam's Road music, including free downloads, please visit:

"New Album 'Book Of Life' Now Available!"

About a year ago Adam's Road began production on their fourth full-length CD, “Book Of Life”.  It all began with a guitar and a Bible on the back of the bus as they were traveling the country. After months of writing, rehearsing, recording, and production, the new CD is finally complete. It features 14 songs, including the re-release of the often-requested “I Would Die For You”. This album will be the band's fourth studio album and they feel it is the most Biblical to date. "The more that we allow God’s Word to take over our own words, the more people will be reached through the power of the Gospel" the band says.  "Our mission is and will always be to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the 'power of God for salvation to all who believe.'"



As Adam's Road has done in the past, they will continue to distribute their music free of charge. They quote Paul in Corinthians as their motivation when he says, “What then is my reward? That I may offer the Gospel free of charge.” Adam's Road invites everyone to order a FREE copy of their new CD by sending your name and address to If you would like one for a friend, family member, or anyone else, the band will ship them anywhere in the world. The CD’s will be available to the band on June 23rd, and will be shipped out shortly after.

The CD will also be distributed in the band's upcoming national tours, which will span 16 weeks and nearly 38 states. You can follow their touring schedule by visiting the "calendar" page of the website.

"Adam's Road begins fourth album, 'Book of Life'"

Adam's Road began production on their fourth full length studio album, titled "Book of Life" this past month. The album will feature 15 songs that are all taken directly from Biblical passages. The album will be distributed during the band's fourth national tour between June and October. The new CD is scheduled to be released in June 2011.

"Adam's Road Returns from 6-Week Utah Tour"

Adam's Road spent nearly 6 weeks in the state of Utah as well as two days in the Mesa Arizona area on their late summer/fall western tour. The band ministered at nearly 30 events, including churches, community outreaches, radio programs, book stores and television shows. They distributed over 3500 CDs and continued to ship out free CDs from their ministry base in Florida, all over the world. Many people came to know the Lord Jesus Christ through  the plain and simple message of salvation as delivered in God's Word; "because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved....13For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." God be praised for the gift of His Son, and the grace He offers freely to those who believe in His name.

Adam's Road will continue writing and rehearsing songs throughout the fall in preparation for the recording of their fourth full length album, due to release in the summer of 2011.

"New CD and DVD available on July 1st, 2010"

After nearly 8 months of production, Adam's Road has finished their third full length studio album, "Enemy of the Cross", due to release on July 1st along with a free DVD about the ministry of Adam's Road. The new music will be available for free download on the "Music" page of the website by June 20th. For those who want the CD/DVD package, it can be pre-ordered by sending your name and address to and it will be shipped to you free of charge when it arrives July 1st. God bless you all for your support.

"Adam's Road returns from south Florida tour"

Adam's Road took a 2 week tour of southwest Florida, performing at 7 churches and sharing testimony of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. A large part of the tour will be used for the upcoming documentary about the making of the "Enemy of the Cross" album, scheduled to be released with the new CD this summer. The band is back to work on the CD and documentary full time at their residence, the Edgewater Hotel in Winter Garden, Florida.

"Adam's Road begins production of third album"

Adam's Road officially began production on their third full length studio album, "Enemy of the Cross", today in Winter Garden, FL. Drummer Micah Wilder entered the studio for a two day session of recording the drums for the album. The band will continue recording over the coming weeks. The project is scheduled to be completed by early spring for a June release.

"Adam's Road to record third full length album"

Adam's Road is currently rehearsing full time in preparation for going into the recording studio in November to begin production of their third CD, "Enemy of the Cross." The album is scheduled to be released in the early summer of 2010 for the band's third national tour.

"Adam's Road returns from Utah"

Adam's Road spent nearly 6 full weeks in the state of Utah, ministering the Gospel throughout the state. They performed over 25 shows and gave away nearly 3,000 CD's in their time in the Beehive state. The band played as far north as Brigham City and as far south as Cedar City. They are now home writing and rehearsing for their third album.

"Adam's Road releases second album, "Band Of Prophets"

Adam's Road released their second full length album on June 20, 2009. The album contains 14 original songs, all taken directly from passages in the Bible. The band plans to give away their new CD for free during their upcoming summer tours.

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