December 2011 Newsletter

Blessings and peace to our brothers and sisters in Christ! We hope and pray you have a blessed Christmas season and remember the greatest gift ever given: The Lord Jesus Christ.

We rejoice in another successful touring season and praise God for the many souls brought to know Him and His merciful love! Between the months of June and October, we spent nearly 15 weeks on the road. In that time we performed at over 60 events spread over 13 states.

Eastern Tour

Adam's Road Blythefield Hills Baptist
Blythefield Hills Baptist Church in Michigan

During our eastern tour between June and August, we visited Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. We made many new friends and were blessed to see the Gospel ministered to thousands of people.

In Kentucky, we were introduced to a whole new world of cuisine, including bananas with mayonnaise and peanuts, and Mountain Dew apple dumplings. More importantly, we were introduced to a whole new part of the Body with which we have love and fellowship.

In Michigan, we were blessed to spend some time with our friends at the Institute for Religious Research and were able to take a tour of their facilities. IRR is a powerful ministry that provides Gospel truth to the world through apologetics. We were also privileged to minister at Roger Hanson's (founder of IRR) home church in Rockford, Michigan. In addition to our fellowship at his home, Roger was kind enough to take us fishing on our day off and after 6 hours on a beautiful lake we returned with 54 fish! After cleaning and cooking them we had a big fish fry. We didn’t need to pray for the miracle of the loaves and fishes because there was plenty o’ food to go around! 

On a side note, we were already aware that Joseph sleepwalks, but we learned over the course of a couple of weeks that he had a recurring habit of tumbling out of the top bunk on the bus while he was asleep, and amazingly, he had no memory of it! God kept him from any serious injury, and we changed bunk arrangements for his future safety. 

Broken Towbar
A broken tow-bar

For those who don’t know, on this tour we were towing a 15-passenger van behind our bus. Somewhere along the eastern seaboard, we were rear-ended in the middle of the night, and the tow-bar pulling the van was bent to a 90 degree angle.  We were unaware of it until the next day and barely made it into the RV Park when the bar suddenly snapped! We praise God in watching over us and not allowing it to snap sooner!

We were blessed everywhere we went by the encouragement and faith of our fellow believers in Jesus. We met some truly amazing people and we witnessed the loving arms of Christ through our brothers and sisters in the Body.



Western Tour

Talking to LDS Missionaries
 Talking to LDS  missionaries

After our eastern tour, we flew out to Arizona for the Concerned Christians National Conference, where we met with many local pastors and ministered to many former LDS who had become Christian. A week later, we set out for our western tour, which spanned 8 weeks and four states: Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. During this leg of the tour, we participated in multiple events, including TV appearances, radio interviews, benefit concerts, and more. 

In Utah alone we ministered at 28 events in 30 days. Our time in the Beehive state took us from Brigham City to Cedar City, Price to Eagle Mountain, and everywhere in-between. Despite Joseph’s unconscious late-night antics, we managed to stay well rested in-spite of our full schedule. And we were rejuvenated from show to show through the grace of God and the wonderful hospitality of the Body of Christ. There was an enormous outreach by the Body to invite people to come and hear the Good News of God’s salvation!

Before our show in Clearfield, UT, we actually ran into some LDS missionaries, and had a great conversation with them. We shared with them our testimonies and emphasized the Good News of salvation through Jesus alone. We gave the missionaries copies of our latest CD, and encouraged them to listen to the message of the Gospel contained in the songs. They were very friendly, and we pray that God opens their hearts to the truth! 

Jacob Playing Drums
Our new percussionist

A new aspect of the Adam’s Road concert experience was introduced at several shows during tour when Jacob, Micah’s four-year-old son, joined us on-stage and played bongos with us during a song. The audience seemed to enjoy it, and we praise God for this little musician and his love for Jesus! 

We were blessed everywhere we went by the courage and faith of believers in Christ, and their dedication to sharing the gospel with those around them. It was encouraging to see so many believers excited about the message of salvation in a place so thirsty for the gospel. We were especially blessed to meet our new brothers and sisters in Christ and share time in fellowship.



Praise Reports

Most importantly, in the course of our touring schedule, we saw many people come to know our Savior Jesus Christ in a personal and intimate way, and we praise God for all that He has done! Every story of salvation is beautiful and worth mentioning, but we only have so much space in the newsletter, so we want to share just a few that stood out to us personally.

Former LDS Missionary gets Baptized at Burning Heart

Adam's Road at Burning Heart
Shawn McCraney's Burning Heart 2011

Several of us in the ministry have a mutual missionary friend from when we were LDS missionaries in Florida. This friend has been in contact with us since we left the LDS religion. Over the course of the last five years, we have had much conversation with this friend about the Gospel, and generally his response was to be antagonistic towards our ministry.

After much time and communication back and forth, he finally came to a show in Utah, and was convicted by the message of the Gospel of Grace. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior, was freed from religion, and was publicly baptized at Shawn McCraney's outreach, Burning Heart, as a confession of his faith. We praise God to have him as a brother in Christ after all these years!

Returned Missionary comes to Christ

There was another person we met who came to one of our shows particularly to talk and ask questions about the LDS faith versus the Gospel of the New Testament. Joseph spent a few hours after the show sharing his testimony with this brother and hearing the story of this man’s developing faith in Jesus alone.

This man had a very similar experience to Joseph’s on his mission, in that he studied the Bible as a child while he was an LDS missionary and came to Christ shortly after his mission as a result. He shared with us after the show that our presentation convicted him to share his faith with his family and friends, including his LDS fiancée. He left feeling very encouraged and ready to take up his cross and stand for Christ in all places and at all times.

Shortly after this, he confessed his faith to his fiancée who broke off their engagement as she was not willing to be married outside of an LDS temple, and he no longer believed in it. He is now going through the process of sharing this faith with the rest of his family, and we are keeping him in our prayers as he learns to walk by faith, trusting no longer in the arm of flesh, but the only true God who saves. We would appreciate any prayers for him, his fiancée, and his family.

Church in Arizona reaches out to LDS Community

Adam's Road at Blue Ridge High School
Outreach Concert at Blue Ridge HS in Arizona

We were especially blessed by our experience with Calvary Baptist Church in Show Low, Arizona, who demonstrated an impressive zeal for the Gospel. This congregation did a mass distribution of the documentary “Unveiling Grace” which features our testimonies as well as others who have left religion for a relationship with Jesus. They went door to door in several predominantly LDS cities including their own, distributing DVDs and an invitation to our concert. They were met with a huge response from the surrounding communities. Despite multiple insults and threats of picketing, there was a major turn-out of LDS people at the concert, and the Gospel of Grace was shared for the first time to many who had never heard it. No doubt many seeds were planted, and we praise God for His faithfulness in answering the prayers of these faithful believers as they shared the good news of Jesus with their neighbors!


What’s New? 

Brand New Website!

We have just launched our brand new website! Our new website includes a number of user-friendly features to better serve and equip you to minister the Gospel to friends and family. Included in the new website: free, easy, high-quality downloads of all of our music; free downloadable lyrics sheets (with scriptures) and chord charts of all of our albums; free rescources including CDs, DVDs, books, pamphlets, and more; information on ministering to Mormons; partner ministries; videos; pastoral endorsements; bios; and much, much more!

We invite you to come and check out the new wesbite at:

Invite your friends and family to explore the new website. Order CDs and DVDs for FREE! Also, please say hi on our guestbook and join the mailing list to keep up to date with our ministry.

New Albums Coming!

In addition to the new website, we have already began to write songs for our fifth album and will soon start rehearsing and recording the new project. The album is set to be released early next summer before our national tours. Stay posted!

In addition to our fifth full-length album, we are also in the process of producing a new instrumental album. The album includes 15 songs of instrumental music that is set to be released early 2012. As always, it will be free of charge so stay tuned!

Now Booking 2012 Tours!

We are currently taking referrals/requests for our 2012 tours and will be booking dates by the first of January. If you would like Adam's Road to minister at your church or in your area, please send us an email at and we will do our best to make it to your area.


As always, our schedule of upcoming shows is on our website, so stay posted! All-in-all we’re hitting the ground running, and excited to see what God has in store for the future!

Rainbow Bus

We praise God for the fellowship we share with all of you and ask that you keep our ministry in your prayers. We continue to move forward with the faith that God has the power to open hearts to His gospel, and that the “word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword” (Heb. 4:12). 


Love and peace in Christ,

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