December 2013 Newsletter

Merry Christmas! Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! We give thanks to God always for all of you. We are so grateful to share with you all the things that God has been doing in our lives and with this ministry over this past year, accredited to His glory.

Kay Family
Steve Kay and his family

It has been a season of change and adjustment for us. In May, we said goodbye to one of the founding members of this ministry and his family. Steve Kay, along with his wife Michelle and two little ones, moved to Seattle to finish school as he felt God was calling him in a different direction. Steve is currently on a sabbatical from full-time ministry and is still involved with Adam’s Road and supports the ministry. We love him and are happy for him.

In past years we have done both an Eastern U.S. and a Western U.S. extended ministry trip, but this year we felt that God had something else in mind. We felt our hearts strongly burdened for Mormons needing the truth as well as Christians needing encouragement and equipping in the western states. After much prayer and deliberation, we decided to focus our tours in the western US, primarily in areas with a high LDS presence. Just like Paul says to the believers in Thessalonica (1 Thess. 2:8) we were desirous to share “our own selves, because [they] had become very dear to us”.

Unveiling Grace Book Cover
 Unveiling Grace Book

There was also a big, exciting change for us this year. Matt and Micah’s parents, Mike and Lynn Wilder, traveled with us on the bus to promote Lynn’s new book, Unveiling Grace. Unveiling Grace was published by Zondervan and is available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold. In the first two days that it became available, it was sold-out on Amazon and has been doing very well.

Most importantly, we are receiving a flood of emails from people who are reading the book and questioning their faith in the LDS Church. We strongly encourage you to get a copy: a telling account from a former tenured BYU professor’s perspective. Lynn Wilder leaves a perilous religion for a secure and abiding relationship with Jesus. Unveiling Grace uncovers some of the cultural and religious snags of Utah Mormonism. Lynn respectfully and gracefully shares how God rescued her from it all, testifying to the powerful and transformative impact God’s Word had in her life, her family’s lives, and others whose journeys out of Mormonism and into Biblical Christianity crossed paths.

Lynn Wilder
 Lynn Speaking in Idaho

We are confident the book gives insight into the Latter-day Saint (Mormon) mindset while equipping Christians to witness more effectively and lovingly to them.

Lynn was involved in our 2013 summer/fall ministry events, sharing brief testimony and promoting her book.  Lynn and her husband Mike (parents of Matt and Micah Wilder of Adam’s Road) have a ministry of their own: ECUJ (Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus). In fact, when Adam’s Road returned from the west to their home base in Winter Garden, FL, Mike and Lynn remained on the road for nearly 2 additional months, continuing to testify to the gospel of the grace of God, encouraging believers, and promoting Unveiling Grace.  Please consider adding them on Facebook and supporting them as the Holy Spirit leads.

 Northwestern Tour

From the end of June to the beginning of August, we were blessed to share the love of Jesus in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington state, and Wyoming. To God’s glory, we witnessed some leaving the chains of false religion in pursuit of a personal relationship with Jesus! The 2013 summer ministry marathon kicked-off with a first-time visit to the state of Colorado before heading to Utah for almost a week. Though our stay in Utah was short, it was nevertheless eventful. Our stories of God’s grace traversed the airways through KEY Radio: a radio station in Provo that boldly shares Jesus.  In addition, the T.V. outreach program “Polygamy: What Love Is This?” with Doris Hansen welcomed Adam’s Road for a third consecutive year; we are very grateful to God for Doris’ ministry.

Adam's Road Grace Community
Grace Community Bible Church

The final Utah event was electrifying and enlightened with God’s grace despite an unexpected circumstance—a power outage. The Adam’s Road tour bus generator supplied on-stage power to a dark and non-air-conditioned sanctuary. Though the surroundings were dark and uncomfortable, we were comforted by the Father of lights, who showered us with good and perfect gifts from above.     

We then spent almost four weeks in Idaho, rich in opportunities to encourage believers and reach out to struggling Mormons. In fact, there was a 20-day span in which we had 19 ministry events. We thank God were we were able to plant seeds of the Gospel in Idaho through ministry, and trust in God’s timing for the growth (1 Cor. 3:6).

Some of the churches planned a Q&A section at the tail end of our presentation, which seemed to be a success. We were blessed to be able to interact with the audience through this means, answering questions to help equip them.

Jay Graham Horse
Jay riding at the Idaho Youth Ranch

In south central Idaho, we met a brother in Christ who runs a youth ranch. The program is intended to assist troubled youth in working out some of their issues. We were given a tour of the ranch and spent some time with the kids. The ranch had showers (an all-too-often rare commodity on the road), which was a welcomed blessing. Some of the members of Adam’s Road wrangled and rode horses before cleaning up for a ministry presentation that evening. We enjoyed the brief change of pace and scenery the ranch provided in the midst of a marathon of ministry events.

Towards the close of the Idaho portion of our trip, we met radio host Matt Slick, who interviewed us prior to an event in Boise. Matt started CARM, one of our partner ministries which we support whole-heartedly. On their website are great approaches and techniques in witnessing to those of specific false religions.

Micah and Lynn Wilder CARM
The Wilders with Matt Slick of CARM

Adam’s Road connected with TV18 while in the area, sharing our testimonies on a program called “Breaking Barriers” with Pastor Jesse Garcia. His gritty program usually focuses on helping people out of drug/alcohol addictions, abuse, suicide, teen pregnancy, etc. by sharing Jesus with them through the Word. Welcoming a younger generation to the show, Adam’s Road was a testament to the dangers of Mormonism, demonstrating that absorbing false teachings can be as hazardous as injecting drugs: the wages of all sin is death, but the solution still is and will always be Jesus Christ.   

After saturating Idaho with the message of the Gospel through Adam’s Road, we moved on to Oregon and Washington State for the first time. There we met up with Scott Johnson, affiliated with Sacred Groves, who produced our testimony DVD “Unveiling Grace."

Adam's Road with Steve Kay
Reuniting with Steve Kay

It was refreshing and encouraging to spend some time with former full-time ministry member Steve Kay in his home state of Washington. In the Tri-cities area at South Hills Church, he graced the stage with a “Graceland”-style impersonation of Elvis singing “How Great Thou Art”. The re-union with Steve and Adam’s Road was fun and nostalgic; his presence at South Hills did not go unnoticed. In fact, to the luck of a Winter Garden, FL native who was in attendance at the Washington event, Steve was available with the rest of the group to “autograph” a 2009 Adam’s Road “Band of Prophets” CD she had on her person that evening.

A brother from South Hills worked at the church and was an encouragement and blessing to us. The morning prior to our event, he spoke kind words towards us before having a mild stroke that sent him to the hospital as believers prayed over him. After seeing him rolled into an ambulance that morning, we were surprised to see him in attendance that very evening for the event. Though the doctors advised him to stay in bed for two days, he insisted he wouldn’t miss the testimonies and music for the world. We thank God for him!

Finally, we traveled west for the last time of the trip, experiencing the magnificence of God’s creation in the Northwest and sharing in the Portland area. One the way home, we stopped for one last event in Wyoming.

Southwestern Tour

After a few weeks spent with our wives and children back in Florida, we headed off for our second 2013 extended ministry trip. Starting at the beginning of September until the second week of October, we were in New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Texas.

Jay and Stefan Roswell
Jay and Stefan in Roswell, NM

Our first stop was in Roswell…yep you read that right! Our Communications Administrator Stefan loves anything alien related so you can imagine how excited he was to do an event in Roswell! Of course we visited the International UFO Museum and Research Center and even ate at a McDonalds built like a UFO. There was alien paraphernalia everywhere! As neat as that was, fellowshipping with the believers after the Roswell ministry event was even more of a highlight.

We then continued west. Passing through the desert land of Southern California, we arrived in beautiful San Diego. Our first-time California ministry event was effective: we received positive and encouraging feedback from the believers.   

Adam's Road and Trinity Worldwide Reprographics
With Paul of Trinity Reprographics

From San Diego, we headed to the Greater L.A. area for the next few weeks. We had two events with Trinity Worldwide Reprographics, a partner ministry who has graciously offered its printing resources on behalf of this ministry. We encourage you to look into Trinity if you have any materials, pamphlets, etc. that need to be printed---they are the best! The love and fellowship we felt from the workers at Trinity was incomparable. Like the apostle Paul references in Galatians 4:15 about the Galatians, we felt Trinity employees likewise would have been willing to gouge out their eyes and give them to us if we had asked. While that’s a little extreme, we are just attempting to describe the immense love we felt from them; we accredit God for that love, and look forward to seeing them over the years to come if the Lord wills.

Our time in L.A. afforded us some refreshingly unique ministry encounters. One of those occurred at a Seventh-day Adventist church. The amount of time originally allotted to Adam’s Road during the church service was fairly brief. As we shared the impact of God’s grace in our lives, however, the church leadership was moved to invite us to take as much time as we wanted to express the message we brought. The pastor wittily explained why he wanted the Gospel message brought through us that day to take precedence over his prepared sermon—a sermon that he put a lot of time into and anticipated sharing. We witnessed the simplicity and power of the Gospel message penetrate religious barriers and permeate hearts.    

Likewise, our experience at Bethel A.M.E Church was extraordinary. We observed the message of the cross clear hurdles of tradition, culture, and religion. We experienced the grace of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit with these believers in a magnificent way.

Adam's Road CD Signing
Signing CDs after a show

From the cool streets of South Central L.A. in the morning to the hot California desert in the evening, temperature was not the only dramatic change. We were blessed to minister among two distinct flavors of congregated believers within the same day. However, as traveling ministers who get to interact with various and uniquely different elements of the Body of Christ, the love of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit with the believers remains a constant. At the 412 Church in San Jacinto, California, we shared for their “End Times”-themed service. Our testimonies were relevant, confirming the authenticity of Biblical warnings concerning false prophets and christs. We sang “Is This the End.” This song lyrically is a compilation of many Biblical passages about end-time prophecy. The song coincided with and strongly complemented their end-times series, as the pastor enthusiastically expressed with us after the ministry event.

Joseph Warren Vault
Joseph in the vault

Another first for Adam’s Road was to do an event inside an old bank vault in downtown L.A. The vault door was extremely heavy—almost unnerving when it was closed. Inside the vault, the event atmosphere was genuine, intimate, and personal, as we shared testimony with an acoustic musical set. 

Because of the heavy California traffic, we decided to permanently park the tour bus for our extended stay in L.A., shuttling our equipment from event to event via the ministry van. Our “home base” was an RV park in Anaheim. Ministry member Joseph Warren learned a valuable lesson: locking your bike to a picnic table at the RV park does not ensure its safety because a stranger might exchange it for a downgraded version during the late hours of the night. We presume whoever made the exchange needed the better bike, and suppose a bike exchange is at least kinder than a bike theft. In addition, the pair of bolt cutters used to snip the chain was left as a gift, for which we are grateful. 

We traveled to Arizona for a short stint, visiting our good friend and brother in Christ Andy Poland with Concerned Christians.  We also shared at ACU (Arizona Christian University) for the second consecutive year. Fellowshipping with recent Christian convert Marcelo Gomes and a former Mormon Christian couple was also a blast.

Returning to the Southern California high desert, we ministered in Yucca Vally at Calvary Chapel Joshua Springs. Earlier on that month, we shared through their radio ministry, which has time slots on CSN International, a radio network reaching over 400 stations nation-wide.  

Joseph Giant Rock
Joseph breaking his foot

While in the high desert, we visited the world’s largest free-standing boulder called Giant Rock. It was there that ministry member Joseph Warren was inspired to jump off the edge of a large boulder at full sprint, striking an “x-games” pose in the air before breaking his foot on the landing. We thank God he was not more severely injured. For those concerned, Joseph has fully recovered from this mishap.

After saying goodbye to California, we experienced southern hospitality Texas style during our ministry stay in that state. We felt so loved, accepted, and spoiled by the believers there. After a couple ministry events in Texas, we headed home to the families. 

Praise Reports

Girl Ditches LDS Bishop’s Interview For Adam’s Road

In Pocatello, ID, we met a 19-year-old girl and recent convert to Mormonism at a ministry event. Though raised in a Christian household, she had succumbed to the influence and pressures of her LDS surroundings, and was baptized into Mormonism. However, she skipped a Mormon bishop’s interview to attend an Adam’s Road event at Grace Lutheran last July, beginning a series of correspondences with Adam’s Road. Throughout this process, she has been encouraged to read the Bible and embrace Biblical Christianity. By the grace of God she has done just so, and is growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Mormon Woman Suddenly Questioning LDS Religion But Turning to Bible

We were sent an email by a woman who lives in Spain. After converting to Mormonism from Catholicism, she served faithfully in the Mormon Church for years before suddenly having doubts. Perusing the web for religious music, she found Adam’s Road videos on youtube. She was impacted by the live songs and testimonies she viewed, which has lead to months of email correspondence with this ministry. Throughout this process, she has asked many questions, finding answers in God’s Word. Having now read the entire New Testament, she is starting to correct her Mormon friends at church and ask her Mormon leaders questions from the Bible.

Though the feedback from her LDS leadership is negative, she finds encouragement through our music—is open and seeking. Mormon leaders, friends, and missionaries have passionately asserted that Adam’s Road is an “enemy of the church.” They have instructed her not to affiliate with us. She still does.

We sense God is moving in her life and drawing her to Jesus. She could use additional prayers concerning a solid decision for Christ.  

Mormon Leaves Religion For Jesus

At Calvary Chapel Downey, after our ministry presentation on a Sunday evening, a Mormon in attendance made a decision to leave the Mormon Church for Jesus. In addition, a Christian invited an LDS friend who was positively affected by the message, brought to tears. We thank God for this evidence of His grace!

Mormon Convert Leaves Religion and is Stalked Online

Adam's Road Baptism
Baptism of our dear brother in Christ

A dear friend submitted resignation papers to his local bishop, and as a result, was called in for an interview. He was told that Salt Lake City (Mormonism Headquarters) had given direction to his Stake President (a local Mormon leader) to monitor our friend’s facebook account and activity in relation to us. His bishop handed him a stack of papers that accounted for all of his interactions with us on facebook: from comments on pictures to posts. He was told that if he hadn’t resigned from the Mormon Church, he would have been summoned before a council of Mormon leadership and excommunicated. Adam’s Road was declared a big enemy of the church. It was explained to him that we are focused completely and solely on destroying the Mormon Church, poisoning everyone with whom we come in contact.

Recently, this friend spent a week with us in Florida. During the stay, he outwardly committed himself to Christ, getting baptized in a natural spring as a public display of his newfound Biblical faith. Spending time with our newly-born brother in Christ Jesus as he matures in the Word is worth celebration! We praise God for what He is doing in our brother’s life.

New Brother in Christ Ready to Give Up Wife for Jesus

We have been in contact with a brother in Christ that has just recently given up the Mormon religion for a personal relationship with Jesus. He has been waiting for opportunities to share it with his wife and kids—but not trying to push it. Recently, his wife has asked him to meet with their LDS bishop; our brother in Christ isn’t convinced that would be a good idea. However, he has considered the cost of following Jesus, and will not compromise his relationship with Jesus regardless of the cost. We praise God for the saving faith that He has given to our brother and pray that all things will work out for his good.

Former Mormon Dane Encouraged by Adam’s Road Ministry

Before converting to Jesus, one of the Adam’s Road members formerly served a mission for the LDS church in Denmark. Recently, an Ex-Mormon woman from Denmark reached out to the ministry. While being encouraged by our testimonies online, this woman recognized one of the Adam’s Road ministry members, who once served in her Mormon ward (congregation) as a missionary for the LDS church. They were able to reconnect and share what God had done in each of their lives over the course of the past eight years in bringing them to the Biblical Jesus. Her husband is still an active LDS member, and could use prayers.  

What’s New?

New Facebook Page

Please “like” our new facebook page if you haven’t already. After building a friend base for nearly seven years, our former page was temporarily shut down for “hate speech” before being mysteriously deleted altogether. Please help support our ministry by “liking” the new page

Video Ministry

We are taking measures to improve our online video presence in order to expand and grow the ministry to God’s glory. From live musical performances to Bible topical discussions and beyond, we hope to connect with others more intimately in this way. Join our YouTube channel here!

New Music

We plan on releasing a new album next summer, which is currently in the works. Like all of our other song albums, the primary focus will be putting God’s Word to song. As progress towards the goal accumulates and solidifies, we will keep you updated.

New Mobile Website

We’ve created a mobile version of our website: The features are similar to our website, but formatted for mobile devices. Now it’s easier to download our free music, watch Adam’s Road videos, look at pictures, read our bios, order free materials, and sign up for our email newsletter! We hope you will take a look at it and bookmark it in your mobile device to refer to it often. To offer suggestions on making it more user-friendly or improving it, please email us, write us on Facebook, or write on our website guestbook. 

Website Additions

We are constantly trying to improve our website and its effectiveness in reaching the lost and equipping the Christian Body to minister as well. We are currently making some additions that we feel might improve it on both of these accounts. We all know the power of prayer, and are planning to add a page where people can submit their prayer requests and have others voluntarily, as the Spirit leads, pray for those needs.

Also, we want to have a section that lets people submit their testimonies and stories of how they came to the knowledge of Jesus to uplift and encourage others. As people leave the Mormon Church for Jesus, weeding out false doctrines and replacing them with the truth from the Word can be a challenge for them and take time. Those of you who have come out of the Mormon religion understand that you literally have to re-wire your brain to think a different way. We thought it might be helpful to have a section on the website called “Mormon Brain.” In this section, we would list LDS seminary “scripture mastery” bible verses in addition to Bible verses commonly used by LDS missionaries—exposing what the Mormon brain wants to read into the text that interprets it in favor of LDS doctrine.

Then, using context and Bible reconciliation, we can demonstrate what the text is saying from a biblical perspective.

We think all of these could be good additions and tools for our website. If you have any other thoughts or comments about this please write us and tell us what you think.

Now booking 2014 Tour Season!

We are currently taking referrals and requests for our 2014 tours. We are not sure what the Lord wills, but are thinking about heading north—possibly even to Canada! In addition, we are prayerfully considering focusing an extended ministry trip to the Southeast: Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. If you would like Adam’s Road to minister at your church, one in your area, or if you know of a church in another area anywhere in the country that would like to host us, please send us an email at

Our calendar of our upcoming shows is on our website, so keep up to date on our schedule—especially if you live here in Florida. 


As a non-profit group, we rely on God’s provision through the Body of Christ to support and maintain the ministry. We relate to the apostle Paul, whose reward for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ was to offer it freely (1 Cor. 9:18). And so we travel around the country, ministering without fees—in addition—offering ministry materials free of charge at ministry events and through our website.  

We also offer all of our music at no charge and trust in God’s provision to take care of our needs, as He has always done. If you feel the Holy Spirit giving you the desire to support our ministry financially, you can make a donation* here or become a monthly partner here, as the Lord leads. God loves a cheerful giver so we don’t want you to give reluctantly or under compulsion (2 Cor. 9:7).

Grace Lutheran Church
 Grace Lutheran in Pocatello, ID


 “Finally, brothers [and sisters in Christ Jesus], pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you” (2 Thess. 3:1). We thank God for your prayers, love, encouragement, and support.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all” (2 Thess. 3:18).


Love and peace in Christ,

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