January 2013 Newsletter

Grace and peace to our beloved family in Christ! We rejoice in another opportunity to share some of the mighty works that God has been doing in bringing people into His marvelous grace.

We have had many new opportunities to share the good news of Jesus and raise awareness of spiritual pitfalls. One such opportunity was a four-week course comparing Mormonism with Biblical Christianity that we presented at a local Presbyterian Church in the month of March. We were also blessed to be involved with Truth In Love Ministries in helping develop a massive media campaign aimed at reaching young men in the Provo, Utah area with the gospel of grace. The campaign included the launch of a great website addressing the Mormon quest for personal perfection called beyeperfect.org.

In 2012, we had a busy and fulfilling touring season that lasted from July to October. In the course of nearly 13 weeks, we performed at over 70 events spread across 15 states and witnessed a great harvest of souls coming to know the riches of God’s love toward us in Christ Jesus! 

Eastern Tour

Adam's Road Muncie YMCA
Ministering at the Muncie YMCA

From July to August, we were blessed to witness around the eastern United States, including shows in Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina. We saw many souls come to accept Jesus as their Lord.  In addition to regular ministry events at churches, we were invited to appear on a radio show in Kentucky and a TV show in North Carolina.

In the course of our eastern tour, we were able to visit some new areas and learn more about our national history.  We played a show in a historic Civil-War-era church near Lexington, Kentucky, where we could see graffiti on the walls from Union soldiers who stayed in the church on their way through the area.  We also performed at a church right next to Blue Lick State Park, where one of the last battles of the Revolutionary War was fought by none other than Daniel Boone.

One of the true blessings of our eastern tour was being able to minister to people in small towns across the midwest. We were able to meet and be blessed by some truly loving and humble people who are hungry for God's Word. 

We also were able to play several shows in and around Yorktown, Indiana—the hometown of Micah and Matt—including performing for a Celebrate Recovery meeting at the YMCA in Muncie where they used to shoot hoops back in the glory days. It was fun to visit their old stomping grounds and finally try the famous Pizza King!

Adam's Road Seth Kay
Adam's Road baby Seth

In Michigan, we got to catch up with Roger Hansen from the Institute for Religious Research, and played a show in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids at the beautiful turn-of-the-century Immanuel Lutheran Church of Grand Rapids. We asked Roger if we could “fish again in Michigan” and he obliged. Shortly after this, Steve flew home to welcome a new arrival to the Adam’s Road family, a bouncing baby boy named Seth!

Matt Landfill Challenge
The Landfill Challenge

After spending some quality time around Grand Rapids, Michigan, the remaining band members headed to Lansing for the first time. After ministering at three morning services and before another impending evening concert, the band was invited out by the staff of Faith Church to lunch at “Max and Erma’s” where Matt—in response to much encouragement—finished off 5 pounds of burger and fries in record time. His portrait now graces the Landfill Burger Challenge Wall of Fame.

From there we headed south, stopping in Ohio and North Carolina for several events before heading back to Florida.  In the course of our eastern tour, we came to know many more of our brothers and sisters in the Gospel, and rejoiced in the fellowship we received. 

Western Tour

After a brief time at home with our families, we headed out on our western tour, which included shows in Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  We felt blessed to visit many new areas of the country and become familiar with our friends in Christ who minister in these regions.

Adam's Road FBC Tribune
First Baptist Church Tribune, Kansas

On our way out West, we had the opportunity to minister in the small town of Tribune, Kansas at the First Baptist Church.  Although they live 30 miles away from any other sign of civilization, the believers in this town were rich in the Spirit, with a heart to reach the lost in their own town and abroad.  We completely fell in love with the humble people of this small town and we were truly blessed by their fellowship and refreshed as we headed further West.


Adam's Road Lighthouse Twin Falls
Lighthouse Church Twin Falls

We were excited this year to visit the predominantly LDS area of southern Idaho for the first time. We were warmly received by the churches in the area, and enjoyed getting to know our family in Christ in that area better. As we spent nearly two weeks in that region, we recognized a huge need for outreach ministries to the LDS people and we were truly moved by the love and compassion of the believers towards their religious community around them. We continue to pray for the people of southern Idaho and God willing we hope to return this year as a ministry.

In addition to our ministering to the community in southern Idaho, we were able to fellowship extensively with our good friend Jerry Holt from SourceFlix and got the grand tour of the beautiful Snake River Gorge. We visited Shoshone Falls, also known as “The Niagara of the West”, and marveled at God’s beautiful and powerful creation. In the town of Preston (of “Napoleon Dynamite” fame) we warmed up for the show in Rex-Kwan-Do’s dojo, which just happened to be the new youth room for the church. Joseph asked the audience for some chap-stick, explaining that his lips “hurt REAL BAD!”

Jay at Old Faithful
Jay at Old Faithful

After several shows in the Twin Falls and Pocatello areas, we had a few days off to explore the wonders of Yellowstone National Park.  Once again, we were impressed by the awesome power of God in the geological features of that area. Geysers, mud-pots and hot springs bubbled and frothed giving off the strong scent of rotten eggs in a warm mist that fought off the chilly weather. Micah’s son Jacob enjoyed helping us spot the animals, including elk, bison, and even an elusive wolf.  Before leaving the park, we all lined up for a picture with a herd of buffalo. We were uneasy keeping our backs towards them for that long in so close a proximity, and ran for the van once the picture was finished!

Good News Celebration
Good News Celebration

From Idaho, we headed south to our second home, Utah, where we caught up with old friends and made many new ones!  We spent a short 2-weeks in Utah this past year due to the demand for our ministry in so many new places. One of our first stops was an outdoor event called “Good News Celebration.”  It was a wonderful gathering of Christians, many of them ex-LDS, joining together to be refreshed and to worship the mighty God who saved them. We were especially moved by a former LDS man who performed a traditional Native American dance in time with a Christian worship song. Although the location was dusty, the water of the Word of God was poured out to quench thirsty souls. 

We had the opportunity to appear on several TV shows including a new show hosted by Ex-Mormon Bishop Earl Erskine called “The Ex-Mormon Files” that features testimonies of ex-LDS Christians.  We also played for the first time in Provo, where Micah, Matt, and Steve had all gone to school. Within a stone’s throw from the BYU campus, former students sang about the love and sufficiency of Jesus and Him alone at Provo Baptist Church!  We played in many new towns and were blessed by the encouragement and love of the Christians we met working in the heartland of Mormonism. We love Utah and its people and we are truly amazed to see the work that God is doing there to draw thousands of people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Adam's Road Bus at KOA
Las Vegas KOA Campground

From there we traveled to Nevada, playing our first show ever in that state at Life Springs Christian Church in Las Vegas. The night before the show, we parked our bus at a KOA which happened to be right next to the Circus Circus casino.  We locked the doors of the bus at night, for fear that Joseph’s sleep-walking might lead him out wandering the strip, and we didn’t want for him to wake up playing a game of craps! Our first visit to Vegas was met with love and fellowship from the Body there and we plan to return again in the near future to continue to share the Gospel with a city that desperately needs Jesus!

From there we headed south to Arizona for the third straight year. We packed a number of events into our short week in the Phoenix area, including our first ever college ministry event at Arizona Christian University. In addition to our ministering, we managed to find some time to hunt scorpions at night with black lights.  Joseph and Steve caught two Arizona Bark Scorpions and wanted to take them home until they realized they are the most deadly scorpion species in the United States! Everyone else on the bus was relieved when they decided not bring them home after all.

On our way out of Arizona, we made a stop at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum to get a observe the local flora and fauna. Micah was especially interested in their extensive collection of reptiles, Joseph was overjoyed to be surrounded by rare creepy-crawlies at an insect and arachnid exhibit, and everyone gained a newfound appreciation for sunscreen and water.

Adam's Road Belcher Center
The Belcher Center at LeTourneau University

After a first-time show in New Mexico, we headed east to Texas to play our very first concert in the Lone Star State. We had been hoping and praying to minister in Texas for years and this year it finally became a reality! Steve tested the waters with the congregation at Celebration Fellowship in Ft. Worth  by singing, “The stars at night are big and bright!” Sure enough, the Lone Star audience responded with thunderous claps and the response: “Deep in the heart of Texas!” It was AWESOME and confirmed that yes, things truly are a little bigger in Texas! We wrapped up the tour with a performance at LeTourneau University in the world-renowned Belcher Center before finally heading home.

Praise Reports

In the course of our touring season, there were many wonderful people we met and many great things that happened.  There were LDS members at almost every show in our western tour, and we saw many souls come to know Jesus as their Savior. Every story of salvation is beautiful and worth mentioning, but we only have so much space in the newsletter, so we want to share just a few that stood out to us personally.

Prospective Mormon Missionary forsakes all to follow Christ

Before one of our shows in Idaho, we spent time with a young Mormon man who was just getting ready to go on his mission. His Christian girlfriend had previously invited him to a Christian gathering, where he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Unsure of whether he should still go on his mission or not, he visited with us to get answers to the numerous questions that had developed since his accepting Jesus. He was hopeful that he could have faith in Christ alone and still be Mormon.  We spent several hours opening the Word of God and discussing how it relates to Mormon doctrine.  By the end of our discussion, he felt confident that God would give him the strength to live by faith and share his love for Jesus.  A short time later, he confessed his faith in Jesus alone to his Mormon leader during the interview to determine his eligibility for a mission. He was, of course, told that he was not ready to go on a mission. His father officially disowned him, and he still stands to lose much more in the way of earthly things because of following Jesus.  We praise God that he is still going strong in the faith and meeting obstacles one day at a time.

Mormon Missionaries attend concert

At our concert at Oasis Books in Logan, Utah, two Mormon missionaries sat through the entire concert and stayed after for quite a while to talk with us. This was surprising to us, as many active Mormon members will often leave early during our presentation. The Elders were very friendly and willing to discuss some of the differences between their gospel and the gospel found in the Holy Bible.  We gave them copies of our latest album, encouraged them to study their Bibles, and invited them to stay in touch with us after their missions. One of the elders had puffy eyes from tears throughout the show and told us “I don’t care what your message is, you guys bring the Spirit!”  We pray that God will open their hearts to the beautiful message of total salvation through Jesus’ blood!

Ex-Polygamous Ex-Mormon Christians

Good News Celebration
Ex-Polygamist, Ex-Mormon Christians!

At the Good News Celebration, we met a family who left a polygamous group to join mainstream Mormonism, and then in the last year left mainstream Mormonism for a relationship with Jesus based on the Bible! When they left polygamy, they were leaving behind their entire lives and starting from scratch in the mainstream Mormon Church.  After taking the time to become active temple-going Mormon members, they found faith in the Jesus of the Bible, a faith independent of any religious system, but based in relationship. The mother in this family—the first to realize the true gospel of Jesus—related to us how hard it was for her to break the news to her family that they had once again been wrong and needed to restart their lives a second time.  But praise God, her father, brother, sister, sister-in-law, and one of her sons have come to know Jesus as well and are now full of joy and peace in the rest they have found in Christ.  They related to us how since then our testimonies have encouraged them in their walk with God.  We thank God for their fellowship in the Body of Christ!

We plant and water many seeds each year on our tours and often don’t get to see what comes after.  We know that it is God alone who gives the growth (1 Cor. 3:6) so we trust in Him and His timing.  Still, it is very encouraging when He lets us see some of the fruit of our efforts and we give glory to Him alone for the wonderful things He has done!

What's New?

Book Of Life Fellowship

On tour a lot of people have asked what church we attend while home.  The answer is Book of Life Fellowship, a small home Bible study we hold right at the Edgewater Hotel. We meet every week to sing spiritual songs, study God’s Word, and fellowship together. Pastors that we’ve met from around the country have sometimes stopped in to fellowship and lead our study as well. If you are ever in the Orlando area and would like to join us for church, just send us an email at info@adamsroadministry.com to let us know.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Historic Edgewater Hotel, it is a building in Winter Garden, Florida that acts as a home base for our ministry, as well as an operating bed and breakfast. We, along with our families, live in the building while operating the bed and breakfast. This helps cover the living expenses for us and our families while we’re home, allowing us to be a full-time ministry and ensuring that ministry donations are used exclusively for the work of the ministry. We also have a recording studio in the building where we record our albums.  Our independent label, Book Of Life Records, is currently looking to expand and bring in new Christians artists.  We hope to enable other Christian musicians to share the good news of salvation through Jesus alone.

Christian School

Book of Life Academy
Book of Life Academy

A little over a year ago, we began renting and renovating a piece of property just down the street from the hotel to develop as a private Christian school and daycare called Book of Life Academy.  We have been developing the property since December of 2011, and still have a few more things to do before we can officially open. With 8 kids under 5 years of age we already have a small classroom-worth of children ready to go! We are excited at the opportunity to provide a safe, Christian learning community so close to home, and look forward to the great things we hope God will do with this new part of our ministry.

New Music

At present, we are finishing up the work on a new instrumental album called “Romans Road.”  The concept for the album is a journey through the Gospel of Grace as outlined in the book of Romans.  Each track begins with a key verse being sung word-for-word and then instrumental music following that encapsulates the idea of that verse.  The album features many new sounds and musical styles and will be available in February. 

Website Additions

We are also developing some new resources to make available on our website, including “20 Questions To Ask The Missionaries”, a quick reference for when the Elders (or Sisters) come knocking. We are also working with Main Street Church Brigham City in the development of a project called Missionary 911, a tutorial on how to witness to missionaries.  This project could tentatively be finished sometime next year, if the Lord wills. Before tour we also added a new resource to our Free Materials page called “The Book of Mormon: Redefining Biblical Salvation.” Developed by our good friend Peter Benyola (a recent convert to Christianity from a Mormon splinter group), this in-depth comparison of doctrine between the Bible and the Book of Mormon is a great study tool to show Mormons and Christians just how vast the gap really is. Also on the website we will be featuring testimonies from others who have left religion for a relationship with Jesus, a prayer request page, and many more tools to equip the Body of Christ in ministering to Mormon friends and family. We are very excited about where God is leading the ministry and encourage you to encourage your friends to sign up for this newsletter to stay up-to-date on our ministry.  

As always, our website has loads of other great stuff including:  free, easy, high-quality downloads of all of our music; free downloadable lyric sheets (with scriptures)and chord charts of all of our albums; free materials including CDs, DVDs, books, pamphlets; information on ministering to Mormons; partner ministries; videos; pastoral endorsements; bios; and much more!

Now Booking 2013 Tour Season!

Lastly, we are currently taking referrals/requests for our 2013 tours. For the first time in our nearly 7 years together as a ministry, we will be heading to the west coast in 2013, and we have plans on visiting California, Oregon, and Washington. Also included in our 2013 plans are Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. If you would like Adam's Road to minister at your church or in your area, or know of a church in another area that would like to host us, please send us an email at booking@adamsroadministry.com and we will do our best to make it to your area next year, if the Lord wills. Our calendar of upcoming shows is always available on our website, so stay posted for local shows if you live in Florida!

Adam's Road with Buffalo

A herd of sheep in front of a herd of buffalo

Words Of Encouragement

We want to take a moment to share just a few out of the many messages we received over the course of the last year that greatly encouraged us in our ministry. Our hope in sharing them is that you too will be encouraged in the power of God to change hearts and open eyes! All glory to God!

“Hey I was at your concert tonight at Grace Bible Church and it was amazing. I'm LDS and just returned home from a mission nearly 11 months ago now. I was really moved by what you guys said tonight and wondering if one of you guys could message me sometime about some questions I have. Thanks!”

“Thank you guys for your awesome testimony. After watching the interviews on YouTube from Sacred Groves while doing some research into the Mormon Church, a missionary called me to organize a visit. A year ago I gave my life to Christ, but in the past few months the Mormon Church has been trying to convert me. Your testimony opened my eyes and I am currently going through the conflicts between the gospel in the New Testament and the Mormon doctrine with the missionaries. I know that if I keep my mind on Christ, He is going to work great things through me into my local Mormon church! You’re awesome! Thank you”

“Hi guys! I just thought I would let you know that there was a young man who was Pagan who accepted Christ last year at your concert in Price, UT. He has taken to studying the Bible like a fish takes to water. He’s an awesome young man with an amazing testimony. This coming Sunday, he is getting baptized. I thought you would like to know. Thank you so much for your dedication to serving the Lord. God bless you all.”

“Hi Adam's Road Band Members, Your music has been a blessing to me and I just wanted to encourage you in this ministry.  I had been struggling with converting to Mormonism over the past couple years.  I had even had a baptism date set at one point.  However, praise the Lord a few months ago I came to a true realization of the truth of the Bible and I finally trust Christ alone for salvation.  I just recently came across your music and was amazed by your testimonies!  I'm presently writing a missionary (very close friend I dated in high school) and I'm praying fervently for him to come to a similar knowledge of the truth.  I often feel discouraged by his unchanging responses, however your stories were incredibly confirming to me of the power of God to change someone’s heart.  Your music and stories are helping give me courage to persevere and encouraging me in my faith to continue to pray for him. I just felt prompted to share this.  The Lord is using you in incredible ways and I pray your ministry continues to grow.  God bless!”

“I just want to thank you for your music and your ministry! I have watched and listened to your testimonies and I am amazed and so thankful for your courage! When I heard the song “Seven Woes”  it pierced my heart, I felt like you all understood the concerns I have with the LDS church, and I love how your lyrics make the gospel so clear and easy to understand! I have been doubting Mormonism for a long time, and finally sent in my resignation last week. I’d appreciate your prayers. My family is not Mormon, they are Christian, but I feel as if my conversion to Mormonism hurt  my family a great deal. I am fortunate to have a great family that loves me. My story is actually quite long, and I’d love to meet you all someday and share it with you. For now, I just wanted to thank you again.”

As many of you already know, we feel very similar to how Paul felt in that we want to be able to offer the gospel free of charge (1 Cor. 9:18). We are able to give away CDs, DVDs, books, and play shows for free entirely because of generous love offerings from the Body of Christ. Without this support, our ministry would not survive. For this reason, we invite you, if the Lord leads you, to support our ministry through a financial donation*. If you have a desire to do so, please visit the Donations page on our website. On that page, you have the options of giving through a one-time donation, or becoming a financial partner by supporting our ministry on a monthly basis. Whatever the case, we encourage you to follow whatever God lays on your heart.

We’re excited for the things this new year holds and thank God for the love and support we have received from you, our family in the Body of Christ.  We ask that you continue to keep our ministry in your prayers as we break new ground in the battle to bring people out of religion and into a relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.  We trust in God; His power to break down strongholds (2 Cor. 10:3-4), and His infinite love that leads Him to leave the ninety-nine just to find that one lost sheep (Matt. 18:12-14).  God bless you and keep you!


Love and peace in Christ,

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