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ALICIA WILDER - Administration, Hotel


Alicia grew up in Alpine, Utah in a strong and active Mormon family that upheld good values and taught her the importance of living righteously. Her parents instilled many good family values in her and she tried hard to live them well.

As a young girl, Alicia was taught to find favor with God by being the best she could be. She had a desire to please God and sought to excel at everything she did. Alicia lived the lifestyle of an obedient Mormon and she was proud of her strong testimony, which she had developed throughout her years of faithfully obeying the laws of the LDS Church. She held numerous leadership positions as a youth and was always seen as an example to others. Alicia enjoyed and sought to find favor with God as she excelled in many talents; pursuing Ballroom dancing, developing homemaking skills, and pursuing study in architectural arts.


As a junior in high school, Alicia met her husband-to-be Micah Wilder. They immediately felt connected as if God had drawn them together. She and Micah became high school sweethearts, but more importantly, they became best friends. Together Micah and Alicia sought to serve God through their faithfulness to the Mormon Church. On a regular basis they would get up early before school and perform ordinances at the local Mormon temple, seeking to get closer to God. She had the picture perfect life and never could have imagined how God would soon change her life forever.

In 2004, Alicia sent Micah off, as her best friend, on his LDS mission to Orlando. She then graduated from high school and continued her education at the Mormon-owned school BYU. While attending college, Alicia pursued a relationship with God through her service to the LDS Church but never quite felt fulfilled through what Mormonism had to offer her. No matter what she did, she never felt as though she had made peace with God. She pled with God to give her answers and to help her find purpose in her life.​

Towards the end of 2004, Micah wrote her a letter from his LDS mission, encouraging her to seek for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in her life. Micah informed her that he was reading New Testament and coming into a greater understanding of God’s love for him, and that God had a plan for his life. Alicia saw this as a sign that God heard her prayers and that He was reaching out to her. Micah began to encourage her to read the New Testament as a child, and so as a student at BYU, Alicia spent her spare time in the words of the New Testament. She became consumed by the amazing message of God’s love that was being revealed to her through the Word of God. It became more apparent to her that God loved her in a way that she never before had realized. Her life started to change.

Alicia spent almost 12 months fervently reading the words of the New Testament, and God was working in her heart through the Holy Spirit. She learned about a Savior who loved her, had died for her and had already paid the price for her sins. This Jesus had offered himself as a ransom for her life and she came to understand that she could have a personal relationship with God that was independent of her religious institution. Alicia found the Gospel of Jesus refreshing, life changing, and would share her insights through letters with Micah, who was still on his LDS mission.


In January 2006, while Micah had confessed his new faith in the Biblical Jesus to his Mormon leaders on his mission, Alicia had chosen to leave Utah. She moved to Florida and confessed to her family that she had found salvation and grace through Jesus Christ alone, and that the works of Mormonism could not offer her salvation. She was born again in the Spirit of God and was washed clean of her sins by the blood of Jesus. Her life would never be the same.

Alicia began a new life in Florida as a new creation in Jesus, and was married to Micah on April 27, 2006. One year later, they had their first son. They now have three sons: Jacob (16), Benjamin (15), and Timothy (13). Jesus had opened up a new world of freedom from sin for Alicia, where she enjoys raising her children in the love of Jesus. Alicia embraced the love that was poured out over her by God, and offers prayers of thanks daily for God’s loving hands that reached out to show her His true mercy and grace.

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