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"Stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming"
Adam's Road Band of Prophets Album Cover
Adam's Road Band of Prophets CD Cover

“Band Of Prophets” is the band’s second album, released in June of 2009. This album marked a significant leap forward for the ministry, as the band members truly found their calling: putting the Word of God to music. The song writing utilized the prophetic process laid out in the New Testament of reconciling the scriptures to themselves, as illustrated in the title track, Band of Prophets.

This album showed a mature growth in the Word of God for the ministry compared to their first album, and it showed a maturing in song-writing as well. It contains a wide variety of styles and messages. The apocalyptic Is This The End features swift word-play outlining the need to stay awake and keep our focus on Jesus during these troubled end times. The emotional You Have A Home reminds us that we are never alone when we have Jesus as our Lord. A special feature of this album is the sound of soulful gospel voices on several tracks—including Lamp To My Feet and I’m Not Ashamed—provided by the talented Dominion Choir.

This album also introduced what is considered the band’s most popular song, I Would Die For You. The song poses the powerful question, “Don’t you think that while Jesus was on the cross, He saw your face? And don’t you think He looked into your eyes while He suffered and said, ‘I love you, and I would die for you so that you could live’?”

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