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Christmas Instrumental (Demo)

"When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy..."
Adam's Road Christmas Instrumental

“Adam’s Road Christmas Instrumental” is a collection of seventeen instrumental pieces based on Christmas themes.  It was released online in the Christmas season of 2009.  The album is comprised of traditional and modern Christmas carols and original pieces by Adam’s Road.  Each track begins with a scripture being read which correlates with the piece’s subject matter. 

This Christmas instrumental album truly covers the spectrum of sound and style in its musical offerings.  The subdued What Child Is This blends string melodies behind the piano in a beautiful counterpoint.  Praise Of Angels begins with a fugal string quartet concept and develops it while alternating between classical and more modern feels.  The jazzy Peaceful Scene fills the ears of the listener with rich chords, reminding them of the rich mercy shown to mankind in the gift of the Christ-child.  And of course, the band's eclectic rendition of Jingle Bells will leave your ears ringing (in a good way)!

The relaxing piece Free Gift was used for film scoring in the documentary “Unveiling Grace” as well as in the band’s documentary “Life On Adam’s Road”. Many of the pieces on this album laid the groundwork for songs in “An Adam’s Road Christmas”.  This instrumental album offers a unique musical treat for the holiday season.

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