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HANNAH RANDALL -  JIE Storehouse, Hotel


Hannah Randall grew up in Monterey, California. She was born and raised in a strong Christian home with seven siblings. She was active in her church and learned the Gospel at a young age, and as a homeschooled child, she learned about God and the Bible through classic literature and Christian school curriculums. She enjoyed attending Sunday School, memorizing scripture, and at the tender age of six years old, received Jesus as her Savior. From her youth, she had a passion for ministry. 


In 2013, Hannah and her family uprooted from the coast of California and moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Her parents knew God had a distinct purpose for their family: ministering to the Mormon people, whom God had laid desperately on their hearts. (Even now, her parents and younger siblings continue to spread the Gospel in the LDS saturated Idaho Falls.) Hannah lived in a predominant Mormon community for four years and cultivated countless relationships with Latter-day Saints.


Throughout high school she was active in competitive ballroom dancing, reading, and art.  Her time in Idaho Falls helped foster in her a soft and compassionate heart for the Mormon people as she immersed herself into their culture by studying their Scriptures, attending LDS Church services, and eventually lovingly witnessing to many of her religious friends. 


After graduating from high school in 2017, Hannah left the United States and spent a year abroad as a missionary in Africa. She lived with a full-time missionary family of 10 in a rural town in the country of Mali. Her time living in Africa was an eye-opening and challenging year for her, as she witnessed—first hand—the extreme poverty that exists in so much of the world. This experience helped her develop a deep connection to those who do not enjoy the countless earthly comforts that many take for granted. Not just watching but completely immersing herself in the same lifestyle as native Malians, Hannah spent that year starting to grasp what it truly meant to be an ambassador for Christ. With a full heart and mind she returned to Idaho in 2018. 


Upon returning to the United States, Hannah decided to forego attending college in pursuit of her childhood dream: working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In an effort to work out the logistics of a suitable living arrangement, Hannah’s father suggested contacting Adam’s Road, whom she and her family had met numerous times in Idaho Falls. Hannah and her family were aware that the ministry operated the Edgewater Hotel—a Bed and Breakfast located in Winter Garden—just 20 minutes from Disney World. After a few days of prayer and discussion with her family, Hannah reached out to the group and introduced herself, explained her background, and that she was seeking a place to live and work until more permanent housing was secured. After weeks of communication and prayer on both sides, Hannah packed her bags, moved across the country and into the Edgewater Hotel in January of 2019.


Although her original plan was to live there temporarily while searching for a job at Disney World, God began to reveal that He had other plans for her life. Hannah slowly started to see that God had directed her to Winter Garden for a purpose that she did not yet understand. She was immersed in an atmosphere of believers who were encouraging her, loving her, and challenging her walk with the Lord. From the beginning, she felt right at home.


A couple months into her time in Florida, she finally had the chance to pursue her dream by attending an audition at Disney World. The audition fell through, but she remained confident that she would have another opportunity to pursue her dream. As time went on, she became more apprehensive about working at Disney and pursing a life away from the new home she had come to love. God was using her time at the Edgewater with Adam’s Road to help her mature in her discipleship and desire to serve the Lord above all else. After much prayer and reading of God’s Word, Hannah decided to halt her childhood dream of working at Disney and began serving full-time with the Adam’s Road Ministry. Although this was a major decision—it had been her dream for years—she knew that God was calling her to ministry, and so she proclaimed her new heart and desires to her family and friends; and was met with overwhelming support.

It took her a long time to see it, but God used her childhood dream to bring her to Adam’s Road. In addition to serving in the Bed and Breakfast, Hannah is also serving as the head of the JESUS IS ENOUGH storehouse, a charity arm of Adam’s Road that supports impoverished children all over the world—the very passion God cultivated in her heart during her year in Africa. Hannah thanks God for giving her a new home and family, and she has now devoted her life to Jesus Christ and finds all of her fulfillment and satisfaction in Him.

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