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JOSEPH WARREN - Vocalist, Musician, Minister

Joseph Warren Adam's Road Pic

Joseph Daniel Warren spent his first two infant years in Sacramento, California before his family moved to Kaysville, UT. Though a Californian by birth, he was raised in Utah, making him the only true Utahn in the band. He is the second of seven kids and grew up in a faithful LDS (Mormon) household. Music pervaded the home: his parents played and sang in numerous orchestras and choirs. Such constant exposure magnetized Joseph towards music.

Joseph sang, initially played the piano, and in his early teens learned to play the guitar. At that age he also became involved in the local ward (church) choirs, a musical production, and show choir at his Junior High School. Accompanied with the guitar playing, Joseph also had a passion for song-writing. Despite the fact that his top teen priorities were video games and music, he miraculously still graduated High School. Having fortunately cleared that hurdle, Joseph then prepared for a 2-year mission for the Mormon Church.


He was sent to Orlando, FL where he met his fellow-band-member-to-be Micah Wilder (then Elder Wilder). Joseph and Micah immediately became close friends. Micah encouraged Joseph to read the Bible as if he were a child reading it for the first time. Because of the love that Joseph experienced from God—manifested through Micah—he opened his heart to God’s Word for the first time.  He kept studying the Bible throughout the course of his mission, coming to realize that his own “righteous works” could not contribute to his salvation: only God’s gracious mercy could save him (Titus 3:5). And this grace was a free gift, not something he could work for (Rom. 6:23; Eph. 2:8-9). 

The 21-year old, upon completion of a two-year LDS mission, returned home to Utah. He had decided to forsake the LDS religion in exchange for a personal relationship with Jesus. Having therefore given his life to the Lord Jesus, he became a new creation in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 5:17). He then shared his new faith in Jesus with his family and friends. This caused no small controversy among the family. But Joseph endured the domestic mayhem, hoping the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ would permeate the family members’ lives. As a result, relationships were damaged—and some even lost. He remains the only born-again believer of his family to this day, but he continues to pray for his parents, siblings, and friends. He still loves them, and attempts to get them in the Word as the Lord provides opportunities. Joseph has come to know that the Bible is God’s Word and that it has the power to change people’s lives as it has changed his. 

Joseph and Katie Warren Adam's Road Pic

In hopes of preaching the saving grace of Jesus with Adam’s Road through song, Joseph returned to Florida to join the ministry. He married Katie, Micah and Matt’s sister, on Oct. 14, 2007 (included is the specific date as official historical documentation: When he forgets the anniversary date and gets put in the “dog house,” he can refer to this for help). As of now, they have no kids. God used Katie’s brother Micah to reach out to her in love and the truth. And she gave her life to the Lord Jesus her senior year of high school. 

Joseph and his wife Katie retired from Adam's Road Ministry in January 2024. You can read their official resignation announcement HERE.

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