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Katie Wilder was raised in a small town in Indiana. She spent her childhood years trying to keep up with her three older, active brothers. Katie spent most of her time outdoors fishing, swimming, and climbing trees (usually paired with her brother Micah who is closest in age). Katie's parents, who were converts to the Mormon religion, raised Katie and her brothers in Mormonism. Her parents dedicated much of their time, efforts, and resources to the LDS church even when their children were very young. They raised their children in a loving home with good morals and strict rules. Katie accepted it and grew as a faithful and devout Mormon girl: eager to please her parents, leaders, and God. She didn’t know anything else.

Katie has always loved to sing. At only the age of five she landed her first stage performance as Gretel in The Sound of Music at the Muncie Civic Theatre near their home. Katie has had a passion to be on stage sharing her high energy and passion for the arts ever since.

When she was ten years old, her sparkling little life was faced with a great tragedy. Her best friend passed away in her sleep due to heart failure. At such a delicate age this experience turned her world upside down but she found comfort in the relationship of her caring older brother, Micah, and peace from God that her best friend rested in His eternal care; she was a Christian.

Her Mom received a job at BYU and their family moved out west to a beautiful little corner of the mountains called Alpine, UT. Katie completely embraced and immersed herself into the Mormon culture. She served in youth leadership, attended seminary, and continued to live up to all of the LDS church standards to the very best of her ability, but something was missing. She began to feel the weight of religion and found it exhausting to be so consumed by something that affected nearly every part of her life. Although she was very busy and scheduled, Katie happily tried to balance everything in her life: school, dance lessons, singing, her nanny job, church duties, and of course participation in her school’s latest play or musical. Katie’s brothers served LDS missions and attended college while Katie developed a close trust and relationship with her parents at home. The three of them would often go hiking in the canyon and enjoy the majesty of the mountains near their home. Those walks became times of solitude and reflection on what God was doing in her heart.

One evening in January of 2006, Micah called her from his mission and challenged her to read the Bible as a child and to listen to Christian music. She remembers clearly the conviction of the Holy Spirit she felt on her heart when Micah told her, “Don’t make Jesus just part of your testimony…make Jesus your testimony!” Katie found strength and faith in this small phone conversation with her brother. He sent her some Christian music to listen to and she began to open God’s Word and see if she could find the God that she so desperately wanted to find, in those pages and lyrics. After pouring over God’s Word for an entire year and being taught by the Spirit she came to know the beautiful simplicity of God’s grace and the miraculous healing found in the blood of Jesus.


At age 18 she became a follower of Jesus rather than a follower of a religion, and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to God’s credit. She dedicated her life, time, effort, abilities, recourses, and every last breath to her God to be used for His purpose and glory.  She was in her senior year of high school in a 97% active Mormon community and made herself known to her friends and neighbors as a born-again Biblical Christian. This conversion threw a wrench in her social life but her relationship with the Lord was strengthened through His words in the New Testament. Katie felt drawn towards the musical ministry Adam’s Road (involving her two older brothers) that was being formed in Winter Garden, Florida. Katie graduated high school in June 2007 and packed up her car to move to Florida along with her parents the next month.

Warren Family Adam's Road Pic

Katie had met the dashing young man who would become her husband, Joseph Warren, during the previous winter when she had visited her brothers in Florida. They had corresponded through texting and phone calls over the previous months and had spent hours sharing with each other their new-found faith in Jesus and reflecting on what they were learning from God’s Word. God used their growing relationship to teach her the Word and to develop her loving relationship with Jesus. Joseph and Katie had discovered feelings for each other and not long after their first date they were engaged and then married by her older brother Micah (state notary). Katie quickly found her role and purpose with the ministry as wife of Joseph Warren, since October 2007, and also the younger sister of Matt and Micah Wilder. Her close relationship with Micah was key in her conversion to Christ and accepting the Gospel of grace.

Katie has been featured on multiple albums of the ministry and has been blessed to travel across the country with her husband and brothers during their 2014 and 2015 tours. Katie and her husband, Joseph, retired from Adam's Road in January 2024.

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