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Lila LeBaron was born and raised in LeBaron (State of Chihuahua), Mexico, in an English speaking community of polygamist, fundamental Mormons. Lila was raised in the fundamental Mormon faith and her father was a practicing polygamist. When Lila was 10 years old, her mother and father divorced; this gave she and her mother the freedom to choose what church to attend. Lila and her mother began attending a small, Christian Bible study that was led by her Uncle and Aunt.

Although the Bible study was small in number, Lila was immediately moved by the message of God’s love she was learning about in and through God’s Word. In addition to her being exposed to the power of the Word of God, she also was exposed to the power of the Gospel through song and music. She was immediately drawn to the singing and guitar playing that accompanied the worship time at the Bible study (as she had previously only been exposed to hymns on the piano at the Mormon Church). She quickly realized how amazing it was to openly and freely praise and worship God through music. This instilled in her a passion for communicating God’s love through song.

This small study group is also where Lila began to learn about Jesus Christ and His immense love for her, as her Uncle and Aunt shared stories about Jesus from God’s Word. Lila was moved each time she heard the story of Christ’s suffering on the Cross; she would feel as if she were heart broken in trying to understand why Jesus would suffer so much for her. Through these experiences of being exposed to the Bible, she started to understand that she could have a personal and intimate relationship with God. By the time she was 13 and had been attending her Uncle’s Bible study for over three years, her understanding of Jesus’ offering on the Cross for her became clear. Lila accepted Jesus Christ alone by faith and recognized that Jesus had paid the price in full for her sins when He shed His blood on the Cross. For the first time in her life, she knew that she didn’t have to work for salvation, but that Jesus Christ had completed the necessary work for her eternal life. Lila became born-again and her life was never the same.

Although Lila had accepted Jesus Christ alone and been saved by God, she still felt she had to learn what it meant to live for Christ and to truly become His disciple. For the next couple of years, God helped her through the process of discipleship. At the time, she occasionally attended the community Mormon services with her mother, and struggled feeling torn because her family was all still Mormon; and she was afraid of the cost of losing relationships with loved ones if she professed her faith in Jesus alone. During this difficult time, Lila read the Bible diligently and began to draw strength from the words of Jesus she read through God’s Word. She realized that Jesus truly was enough, and that no matter what she lost she knew that Jesus could offer her so much more. At the age of 15, Lila was strengthened by the Word and by the encouragement of her Aunt and Uncle to live for Jesus, and she finally proclaimed to her Mom and family that she was a Christian and alive in Jesus. She stopped attending the Mormon Church altogether.

As a teenager, Lila had been blessed with a beautiful voice and a passion for singing and music. God began to lay on her heart a desire to use her God-given talents for His purpose and will, and Lila began doing so immediately. The small Bible study that was founded by her Uncle and Aunt continued to grow and eventually became a full-fledged church. Lila began leading worship for the church and glorifying God through her voice, sharing with others in her community the change that God had made in her life.


In the spring of 2015, Lila’s Uncle and Pastor reached out to Adam’s Road with the desire to integrate her into the ministry. He could see that both she and Adam’s Road shared two similar passions: music and ministry. Within a month, Lila packed up her bags and came to Florida for what was intended to be a temporary mission trip. After arriving in Florida, Lila immediately became integrated into the Adam’s Road Ministry. The ministry quickly utilized her God-given gifts and featured her voice on the title track of their album, "Immeasurable". Since then, Lila has felt the call to join Adam’s Road as a full-time contributor to the ministry. She has since left her life in Mexico, moved to Florida and given her life as an offering to God. She is currently traveling and touring with Adam’s Road, sharing the love of God through her beautiful voice and inviting all people to come into the saving relationship that she has come to know.

Lila is grateful for what God has done in her life, and how He is using her voice to reach out to many people with the Gospel.

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