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“Adam’s Road” is the band’s first album, released in 2008. Production on the album took nearly a year and a half as the band grew musically and spiritually. This album tells the story of the band member’s recent journeys from Mormonism into Biblical Christianity. 

The popular anthem Crazy About Me shows the joyful realization of being accepted by God—who loves us purely because of His goodness and mercy. The prayerful Speak To Me emotes the initial feeling of fear and then learning to trust in God when leaving religion behind. The victorious Stone Temples speaks to the power and might of God in setting us free from religion and calling us into His grace. Several songs feature sonorous violin played by Nathanael Stone. Listeners can also get a taste of bluegrass banjo played by John Kennedy on the rowdy Show Me. 

Though this album demonstrates less scriptural maturity than later releases, it still offers a unique perspective of the Gospel. It is a reflection of the band’s new faith in Jesus and the Bible, and shows their new-found excitement and gratitude in discovering the endless depth of God’s grace and love. For many early Adam’s Road fans, this album is still considered a favorite.

"Adam's Road" CD (2008)

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