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“Immeasurable” is Adam’s Road’s eighth album, released in May of 2015. The album, like previous ones, proclaims the Word of God through song. The ministry was blessed to have a huge supporting cast of guest artists willing to use their talents for this project and God’s glory.


The title track, Immeasurable, declares God’s deep and immense love for us in offering eternal life to the world in and through His Son Jesus Christ. This light, acoustic work includes guest artists Norma Huff on cello and Lila LeBaron on lead vocals. God’s love is indeed unfathomable, as He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for our sins as our substitute: taking the penalty for sin that was ours. The song, In Our Place, proclaims Jesus as the perfect and unblemished offering, dying in our place so we could live. This orchestral blend of sounds features Orlando Philharmonic cellist Norma Huff and violinist Nathanael Stone.


Jesus paid the price for our sins, and he paid it in full. Paid in Full highlights the sufficiency of the offering of Jesus Christ in covering our sins. Guest artist Steven Stack shares this message with strong and passionate lead vocals. Nathanael Stone and Norma Huff, featured in many of the songs in this album as guest artists, contribute to the enchanting string blends of Paid in Full. On the cross, as Jesus paid our cost in full, He had us in mind. I Would Die For You, the ministry’s theme song, reappears on this album project in fresh form. This stripped down acoustic version is fitting for worship under the stars, or by a campfire. The song begs the question, “Whose face did [Jesus] look into when [He] was hanging on the cross?” Could the Maker of all things have had us in mind while he hung on the cross for our sins? His love is deep, intimate, personal, real, and eternal.


Jesus often expresses his love for us by teaching important truths through parables. On this album, Adam’s Road tackles the task of putting two such stories to song. In Luke 18, Jesus tells the tale of a Pharisee and a tax collector, contrasting the self-righteous contempt of the one against the humble plea of the other. Tax Collector retells the story with guest Artist Johnny DeVito. The fast word play in the verses of the song makes room for the story to be told. This song has particular relevance to the members of Adam’s Road, whom God rescued out of Mormonism and brought into a personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many self-made, works-based religions that rely on systems of man-made righteousness unable to save the participant. In the choruses of this song, the audience is challenged to internalize the message of the parable with the following question: “Do you choose not to submit to God’s righteousness?” This track, among others, also features guest violinist Rachel Schwartz.


The righteousness of Jesus Christ, which allows us entrance into heaven, is given to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as a free gift. The song, Free Gift, emphasizes this Pauline message, which is reiterated in his New Testament epistles time and time again. In the song, the American aboriginal instrument—didgeridoo—freely bestows us with rhythmic hums.


Adam’s Road’s eighth album richly provides the listener with stylistic musical variety: from the folk, classical, orchestral, and acoustic blends of the theatric parable song, Prodigal, to the playful toots and honks of the saxophone centered anthem, Not Ashamed. Extremely talented and world-known saxophonist, Charles Dechant (Hall & Oates), was gracious enough the make an appearance on this album as a guest artist on Not AshamedThis song reiterates the message of the band’s second album song, Not Ashamed, in a funky fresh way. Jonathan Shaw was featured as lead vocalist on the song. Jonathan’s brother Dominick Shaw dominates As A Child with passionate and playful vocals. Eight-year-old Jacob Wilder introduces the tune with an adorable reading of Luke 18:17.


Adam’s Road members at times felt like little children in a candy shop during this project, getting to play around with the fantastic talents of many guest artists, willing to use their gifts for God’s glory. Featured consistently throughout the album are the vocals of guest artist Katie Warren and the guitar playing of guest artist J.P. Garrison. In addition, Justin Martin contributed his angelic tenor voice to Satisfied.


In the end, Adam’s Road is extremely satisfied with the results of this project, and thanks the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for continually opening doors for ministry through music.

"Immeasurable" CD (2015)

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