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“It’s So Simple” is the band’s seventh album, released in July of 2014. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is its central focus. Reiterated in many ways and throughout various songs, the simple Gospel message is clearly and thoroughly expressed with God’s Word.

The upbeat title track, It’s So Simple, plainly shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging us to simply believe in God’s one and only Son, Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior paid the ultimate price on a cross to bring us to God by His blood, articulated in the song Bought With A Price. Engraved declares the intimate and personal nature of God’s love for us through Christ’s death on a cross while emphasizing our eternal security in Christ Jesus. In Him we have triumph, because He is raised from the dead! Resurrection celebrates this victory.

The indigenous folk sound of The Door captures the essence of Jesus Christ as our anointed Shepherd King and only Way to salvation. The ambitious musical venture of God Is Love combines rich cello melodies, string swells, and choral sections with the incredible vocal talents of guest singer Chris Leonard. There is a battle raging between the forces of good and evil, and nothing depicts this more accurately than the Armor Of God.  The subdued, sinister message and music of the song’s verses is contrasted with the conquering tones of its choruses, where we are urged to put on the armor of God. This song highlights the passionate and powerful singing of guest artist John Devito.

Featured in a few songs, including Eternal Life, guest cellist Norma Huff skillfully plays warm and deep tones that melt the heart. Violinist Nathanael Stone—a contributor to previous Adam’s Road projects—fills the album with beautifully played violin parts, as can be heard on Reconciled. Finally, vocalist Katie Warren, wife of band member Joseph Warren, is fully integrated into the blend and sound of this project, presented as a main background vocalist, occasionally singing gentle and touching leads.

"It's So Simple" CD (2014)

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