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“Son of Man” is Adam’s Road’s tenth album and marks the ten-year milestone since the release of their first project. This ten-song collection exalts our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. The title track explains Jesus’ role in redemption as the Son of Man. God sent forth His Only Son, born as a human, to reconcile sinful man to God. Jesus, the Son of Man, lived the Law with no sin and made a single offering for us by His death. Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man, is the bridge from man to God, and our only hope for salvation from sin and eternal death.  


But not only was Jesus a human who brought us redemption, He is God. The song I AM declares Christ’s preeminence: His majesty, glory, and eternality. From everlasting with no end, the fullness of God dwells in Him. He is greater than the greatest man, upholding the universe with his own Word as Creator. Be in awe of Jesus!


Jesus, the God and Creator of all things, cares about you. He desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Hear His voice and open the door, and He will come in and dine. God wishes to have a personal and intimate relationship with His children—and we can through Christ! This powerful ballade, Knocking, implores us to believe in and have fellowship with the One who knows your name and calls you out of darkness.  


Another song, Fulfilling all Righteous, provides an overview of the three important stages in a Christian’s life: justification, sanctification, and glorification. Believers are justified before God at the moment of faith in the Gospel, sanctified by the continual work of the Holy Spirit throughout their lives, and will be glorified at Christ’s Coming.


God has sent His redeemed into the world to be a light. And there is one attribute that should set Christians apart: love. “For by this all people will know you are my disciples, if you have love for on another” (John 13:34). For By This is an upbeat song, challenging those who claim Christ to have love.


The talented saxophonist, Charlie Dechant, once again makes an appearance on an Adam’s Road album, with a solo on Run. Christians are called to run this race of life with endurance, looking forward to Heaven where we receive the prize, won through Christ our conqueror.


A new orchestral and full-band arrangement of I Would Die For You, Adam’s Road’s most cherished song, makes an appearance on this album. Guest artist, Michael Webb, a former Mormon and now a Christian, as well as a former well-known LDS artist, powerfully sings about the love of Jesus towards us. He would die so that we could live. This rendition of I Would Die For You sung by Michael has a special place in the hearts of the group. Some of the members of Adam’s Road were fans of Michael’s LDS music when they were young Mormons. They count it a blessing and an incredible miracle to now have the chance to work together with this gifted man—but now as unified believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

The album was also privileged to have Norma Huff and David Bjella continue to add their talents on the cello, and Libby Chippeaux added her beautiful and masterful talent on the violin for the second straight Adam's Road project.


Please enjoy Adam’s Road’s tenth album, dedicated to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

"Son of Man" CD (2018)

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