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STEFAN DENNIS - Communications, Booking


Stefan Dennis was born in Farmington New Mexico to a loving and supportive LDS family. At the age of two he moved to Salt Lake City where he would develop a love for classic literature, astronomy, science and a passion for his religion. At the age of nineteen Stefan chose to serve a two-year mission for the LDS church, in which he was sent to Orlando Florida.

In August of 2007, precisely four years since returning from his Mormon mission, Stefan began to see that something was wrong in his religious foundation. For two solid years, he had followed Mormon theology and principles as precisely as possible because he desired to become the absolute best priesthood-holding husband and father he could possibly be. But Stefan knew he was no more worthy inwardly than he had been before his two years of sincere effort. 

The recognition that he could not “be ye perfect” as was the commandment of LDS theology according to their own interpretation of Jesus’ words, was not something he could ignore. He truly wanted to enter the LDS celestial kingdom and become exalted as a god. The conscious realization that he was a sinner to the core was God convicting him of the truth about himself in relation to an all holy God. He knew he was missing something.


So one afternoon after work, Stefan called the band to ask one of them cordially why they had left the Mormon Church. During several hours of conversation, he learned that he was missing grace--the grace that can only come through faith in what Jesus Christ did on the cross. This was his missing key. He was trying to perfect the outward vessel but the inward one was like “filthy rags” before God. Stefan had read the Bible on his mission and various passages came to his recollection with a new, clear understanding. This gospel of truly good news brought excitement and relief to Stefan, and he immediately accepted the truth of it.

In the months following, he persistently searched for truth. Stefan discovered the hidden truths behind Mormon history and the true nature of what the church believed that directly opposed grace and the cross of Jesus. Stefan also learned about the false prophecies of Joseph Smith and other church leaders and decided that not one single core doctrine of the Mormon Church aligned with the gospel of grace as revealed through Jesus and his apostles in the New Testament.  

Stefan, upon this revelation and desire to have a relationship with God, gave his life to Christ. Following this Stefan ministered to his wife Sarah, who came to know the Lord as well through reading the Bible and accepting grace; and they have since shared a marvelous journey together in Christ.


A year following these events Stefan and his wife Sarah accepted the invitation to assist Adam’s Road in ministry. In 2009, they left most of their possessions behind and taking the call that God had led them too they moved across the country to Winter Garden, a suburb of Orlando just a short distance to where Stefan had served his two year LDS mission. Stefan Praises God for all that He has done in not only bringing himself to the Truth in Christ but also his wife Sarah coming to know the Lord and for allowing them to dedicate their lives to the Great Commission.

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