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What is the purpose of Adam's Road coming to minister at a church?


Our purpose is twofold: One, to lovingly proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Word of God, both through music and testimony. We share the Good News that we are saved by the grace of Christ through the blood that He shed on the cross for us alone and not by our works. We encourage all to come to a personal and saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, leaving any religion behind, knowing that we are saved by grace through faith alone. Two, we seek to encourage and equip the Body of Christ to go out and fulfill their supreme call: The Great Commission. 

How much does it cost to have Adam's Road come minister?

As a ministry we have no performance fees and we give away our CDs for free to anyone who comes to our events. As a non-profit ministry, we are supported entirely by donations and love offerings from the Body of Christ which allow us to continue doing what we do at no charge. When appropriate, we will accept a love offering during our presentation, but it is not required or expected.

How long is a typical presentation?

A typical presentation runs 100-120 minutes for music and testimony.

Where will Adam's Road minister?

Adam’s Road has ministered at churches, schools, camps, benefit concerts, community events, festivals, outreaches, and more. We will minister anywhere where invited for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, we generally do not perform in outdoor venues, as the PowerPoint visuals are in integral part of our presentation. 

Who do I need to keep in touch with for organization?​

Booking/Communications Administrator: 407-656-0885


Do members of the LDS Church typically come to your events?​

At times, yes. There have been a number of faithful believers of the LDS religion that have come to see our presentation for a variety of reasons. Though this is not always commonplace, it does happen. When we know in advance that LDS people will be in the audience, we try to be sensitive to them. Without watering down the message of the Gospel of Grace, we are careful with wording that might be offensive to the LDS people and we always seek to speak the truth in love.

Do the ministry members ​require housing during their stay?

No. Our ministry is equipped with a tour bus on which we sleep, eat, and live.

Are you able to send us promo materials?

Yes. There are a number of promotional materials available, including but not limited to: custom designed posters for specific shows, graphics, written and visual testimonies, videos of concerts, pamphlets, fliers, business cards, etc. Please email the ministry if there is anything you require outside of what the ministry provides after booking. Check out our Digital Promo Pack for online advertising.

Where can I learn more about Adam's Road?


The most resourceful place to find more information about Adam’s Road is right here on our website:  Feel free to listen to free music, watch testimony videos, read bios, and see what Pastors have to say about our ministry.

I don’t have a lot of Mormons in my area. Would it still be beneficial for Adam’s Road to come to my church?

Yes. The message of Adam’s Road is universal! The Good News of Jesus Christ is something that can bless anyone and everyone, including those who are already saved. Just as important as reaching out to the unsaved, our ministry seeks to uplift and equip the Body of Believers to go out into the world and be disciples of Jesus. We seek to equip Christians with the Word and encourage them to share Jesus with Mormons or any other unsaved friends or family.

Does the ministry perform any popular worship songs or hymns?


We often sing the hymns “Amazing Grace”, "How Deep the Father's Love", and "In Christ Alone" at the beginning of our presentations. Otherwise, our musical selection is comprised entirely of original songs. Feel free to listen to our music HERE.

Do you provide your own sound system? What other equipment needs do you have?

Our ministry is completely self-contained as far as our sound needs. We travel with our own sound board, PA, mics, cables, instruments, etc. We provide all of our own stage and sound equipment. We do not, however, travel with our own projection system. We ask that, if possible, we can tie into the venue's projection system as our Powerpoint slides are an integral part of our presentation.

How did you choose the name Adam's Road?​

Through a single act of sin committed by the first man, Adam, sin, death, and condemnation entered the world for all men. Through the one act of righteousness offered through death on a cross by the Last Adam, Jesus Christ, mankind is offered eternal life through faith in His name (Rom. 5:12, 18; Heb. 10:14; 1 Peter 2:24; John 3:16, 1 Cor. 15:45). We, as sinful man—and the seed of Adam—are all under this condemnation, walking on Adam’s road which leads to the cross of Christ. On this road we must decide as individuals whether or not to accept God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. For the believers, the road of sinful man ends at the cross.

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