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Lila LeBaron was born and raised in a fundamental (polygamist) Mormon community in Chihuahua, Mexico. As a young girl, she embarked on a journey of reading God's Word and coming to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ in her early teens. Lila is a talented vocalist and joined the ministry in 2015, when her pastor reached out to the group.



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Vocals, Musician, Minister

Joseph Warren was raised in Utah in a faithful Mormon home. He served on an LDS mission in Orlando, Florida, where he met Micah and was encouraged by him to begin studying the Bible, which led to his own transformation to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is a vocalist and plays the guitar for Adam's Road. He is married.



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Musician, Minister

Matt Wilder (Micah's older brother) grew up in a faithful Mormon home, and served an LDS mission in Denmark. When his younger brother became a Christian and encouraged him to read the Bible, this set in motion Matt's transformation to follower of Jesus. He plays the piano, accordion and does vocals for Adam's Road. He is married with one daughter. 

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Musician, Minister

Micah was raised in a devout Mormon family and like his brothers before him, served an LDS mission. However, while on his mission, a Baptist pastor challenged him to read the Bible, which he did--and gradually his Mormon world came crashing down around him as he encountered the life-changing love of Jesus Christ through His Word, the Bible. Micah plays the drums, bass, and guitar. He is married with three sons.


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Vocals, Hotel

Katie grew up in a very active LDS family. When her brother, Micah, returned from his LDS mission having renounced Mormonism and embraced the Jesus of the Bible, it sent Katie (and the rest of her family) on a difficult journey of her own, learning both hard and beautiful truths of who God really is. Katie has extensive training in musical theater and has toured on and off with the band since 2014.



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Communications Admin, Booking

Stefan Dennis was raised in a faithful Mormon family in Utah, and served an LDS mission in Orlando, Florida. Following his mission, he married and began to struggle with doubts about Mormonism. He and his wife now live in central Florida with their two children, and he is active in many of the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of the Adam's Road ministry.



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Graphic Design, Hotel

Alicia grew up in Alpine, UT. Her family was faithful and active in Mormonism throughout her childhood. Alicia met her husband-to-be, Micah Wilder, while in high school. While Micah was on his mission in Florida, he began to share the Gospel with Alicia and challenged her to read the New Testament. Through the reading of God's Word, Alicia was born-again while a student BYU. She and Micah have three sons and Alicia does the graphic design for Adam's Road.



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Free Materials

Sarah grew up in Utah as a generational Mormon, very active and dedicated to the LDS Church. Her world came crashing down when her husband, Stefan, announced he did not believe in Mormonism anymore. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Sarah learned for herself not only the error in Mormonism, but more importantly, the offer of true grace and freedom in the Jesus Christ of the Bible.



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JESUS IS ENOUGH storehouse, Hotel

Hannah was raised in a strong Christian home in California, and at 13 her family moved to Idaho to witness the Gospel to the LDS people. Hannah has had a passion for ministry instilled in her from a young age, and after a year abroad in Africa following her high school graduation, she moved to Florida and joined the Adam's Road Ministry team. Hannah now heads up the JESUS IS ENOUGH storehouse, the charity arm of Adam's Road that supports impoverished children all over the world.



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Free Materials, Hotel

Lillie was born and raised in a nominal Christian home in Texas. A tragic event shook up her life at the age of 14 and sent her on a path to discover the God of all creation. After almost joining the LDS Church during her college years, God opened her eyes to the true Gospel of Christ and she was born again. She has served with Adam’s Road since 2021. 

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